Need to Know Information about New Article Pins from Pinterest

Pinterest recently announced that it will introduce an advertisement platform in the near future. Although a growing social media platform introducing paid advertisements might not come as a surprise to most internet marketing experts, Pinterest introduced a new feature. More specifically, Pinterest introduced a new type of pin, named Article pins. In many ways, the name says it all. Essentially, Pinterest will allow users to pin articles. Stay ahead of the curve by staying informed. Local social media marketing has experienced a number of dramatic changes within the past several months. New platforms have gained popularity, new audience members have embraced existing platforms in the context of local marketing, and almost all social media networking giants have released a number of new features to help connect businesses with interested customers.


How Different Industries can Boost Marketing Efforts by Joining Pinterest

Article pins can be used for informative articles, blog posts, and other kinds of written web content. Article pins on Pinterest are comparable to posting written content on other platforms in a number of ways. For example, you can gain visibility by writing engaging content with an eye-catching title and meta description. The new article pins on Pinterest make written content look better. Typically, written content that has a better display is easier to read. Take advantage of a new way to pin written web content on an emerging social media giant.

How to Use Article Pins on Pinterest

If you can use Pinterest, email, and a basic word processing program, you can use Article pins on Pinterest. You can use these pins to include information including:

  • The name of the author
  • A story headline
  • A meta description (i.e. a description of the article or story)
  • The source URL

You can also use Article pins on past written content you have posted on Pinterest. Spend a few hours updating your current content for increased relevancy and a clean, new look.

Is it Time to Jump on the Pinterest Bandwagon?

It is important to consider if Pinterest is right for your local business. With increased options for pinning written content and the promise of an advertising platform in the near future, Pinterest is a viable option to consider. The face of local social media marketing is changing, and it is important to make an informed decision on how you will continue to refine your social media marketing strategy. Instead of wondering if Pinterest is the right platform for your business, spend some time conducting in vivo market research to find the most effective social media marketing channels.