When youre trying to find your voice describing your products and services " just who do you think youre talking to?

When you engage in the conversation on social networks " just who do you think youre engaging with?

When you talk tech " just who do you think is buying it?

Women outnumber men on social sites

Whether you open TweetDeck to Tweet your latest offer or are update your companys Facebook page, chances are youre talking to a woman.

Women are present on social networking sites in numbers larger than men. And its not just there: social media sites like Flickr and many others also see women in larger numbers.

On the web youre most likely talking to women.

Are you?

Women spend 30% more time on social networks

Not only are women present in larger numbers on social networks, they spend more time there too. 30% more than men in fact.

So the largest social network segment is the most present segment too.

On the web most of your time is spent with women.

Do you?

 Women do more mobile social

Women are mobile tech-wizards, using mobile devices to update status messages, Tweet, friend and what not more often than their male counterparts do.

If you agree that mobile is all the rage, you agree women are.

Did you?

Women make 80% of all consumer good purchases decisions

80% of all consumer good purchases go through a womans decision making process.

Women are where the buck stops or not.

Are you feeling the respect?

Senior women age 50 and older control net worth of $19 trillion and own more than three-fourths of the US's financial wealth

Get real.

Own up.