For a social network with around 200 million members, you would probably say that it is the online equivalent of a ghost town. That is, when you compare the number of users LinkedIn has compared to its fellow networking sites. Despite having fewer members, you can still use this platform to build a presence for […]

Update: Although I wouldn't try to read these 68 eMarketing websites simultaneously, I realized that some people would be interested in integrating this A-list into a their RSS reader. Therefore, I made a Google Reader bundle of these websites. The bundle page includes subscription button for Google Reader users as well as link to an […]

How to Knock a URL Off the First Page of Google

by Karen Neicy February 27th, 2013

Almost every month we find a website aimed at trashing other businesses. The amount of traffic driven by comments keeps the URL high on SERP's and almost 100% of the time the information that's linked to the comments is slanderous and unrepresentative of the business or person in question. Reputation management is my favorite type […]

4 Essential Free Google Analytics SEO Custom Reports

by Kristian Humle Lauritsen February 27th, 2013

The out-of-the-box SEO (organic search) reports in Google Analytics a very limited and provides little insigths beyond the top-level KPI's. However if you take advantage of the Google Analytics Custom Reports you are able to pull out very valuable and actionable SEO insights. Below I have listed a couple of such custom SEO reports and […]

5 Great Practical Uses for QR Codes Beyond SEO

by Julie Larson February 26th, 2013

You're probably somewhat familiar with the many ways that retailers and businesses have been using QR codes. They seem to be showing up everywhere when it comes to businesses – in stores, magazines, on TV, business cards and mailers. But, did you know that QR codes have lots of great uses outside of marketing? Original […]

I like Google. And I'd like Google to like me. Although it's all very up in the air-ish we know that the rel=author and related stuff that Google's doing is going to be used at some time. Be it for better personalized search results, really useful targeted advertising, or a boost in ranking for specific […]

Today I received my first link removal request for a website that I manage. It has almost been a year since Google's Penguin waddled out from the frozen south to wreak havoc on poorly SEO'd sites. People are still trying to recover from years of cheap tricks, paid links and general SEO spam. The link […]

"Bazinga!" Anna's exclamation caught me off-guard as we entered the Warner Brother's "Television Out of the Box" exhibit at the Paley Center for Media. She pointed towards an over-sized mug in the gift shop. The Big Bang Theory. We explored the exhibit of pop-cultural costume and set displays like Seinfeld, Friends, and Dallas. When we […]

Creating User Friendly Navigation Menus

by Ryan Cowles February 22nd, 2013

Although I don't claim to be a designer myself, the world of web development goes hand in hand with that of design. One thing I appreciate as a developer (and an average internet user) is a friendly navigation menu. I think we can all agree that navigation is one of the most crucial aspects of […]

10 Things We Didn't Know A Week Ago [Week 08]

by Ruud Hein February 22nd, 2013

1. Google's Ad Quality Team Stats Data Sets Range In The Billions "Our data sets contain billions of observations before any aggregation is done.Even after aggregating down to a more manageable size, they can easily consist of 10's of millions of rows, and on the order of 100s of columns." — Nick Chamandy, statistician at […]