What’s the ROI?: Measurement and Valuation of Social Media Accounts as Intangible Assets.

Can accounting really be more important than control in the awesome world of social media? I’d say so. Success in social media has to be about delivering value. Doing meaningful things. Earning and deserving attention. And then, accounting for that awesome activity afterward….

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Measure Search Marketing Efficiency Beyond ROI With Net Revenue per Visit

If (like many sites) you’re making money both from selling a product and from selling ad impressions on the site, you’ll need to help your ad sales team hit their traffic numbers while making sure you’re growing product sales. That’s why in addition to metrics like visits, page views, and (of course) revenue, you should measuring your net revenue per visit over time….

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Social Media Metrics: Not as Difficult as You Thought

Social media metrics may not be as difficult as once imagined with use of analytical tools. The tools automatically generate reports so that executives can evaluate them to improve business practices. Companies should integrate web analytics applications into their weekly routines to ensure that the business is constantly improving and generating new revenue….

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Help! My Blog Traffic is Dying & So Am I

I received an email the other day from a Blogger.

“I’m dejected…depressed… and wondering whether I should even continue.”

Getting a new site off the ground is difficult enough. But getting a new Blog to be popular in a short period of time requires realistic world view and a workable plan….

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