Prominence in the local search results is often considered the Holy Grail for bricks and mortar businesses. Targeting area-specific terms in your SEO efforts is extremely profitable. People searching for goods in a particular area are much more likely to be actively looking for somewhere to purchase, rather than just casually browsing the web. They […]

5 Quick Tips for Local Inbound Marketing

by Paul Richardson September 10th, 2013

Inbound marketing is quickly becoming a very popular marketing strategy. This is because inbound marketing continues to prove to be a very effective marketing strategy. Inbound marketing can be especially effective for smaller local businesses and here are five quick tips on how to do it effectively. 1. Maintain a Blog Maintaining a blog is […]

The new Google Maps is now open to the public. There are big changes made to the web interface, which will revolutionize the way we use, view, and search for local places in the future. These changes will have an impact on the local marketing strategies for many businesses, so it is advisable to plan […]

What To Do If You Get A Bad Online Review

by Don Campbell July 9th, 2013

Do you know what one of biggest fears that small business owners have? Getting a negative online review. I think that's because business owners know how important word-of-mouth referrals are to their business. Ask any business owner what their best source of new customer is, and they will tell you it is from "word-of-mouth referrals." […]

Making Sense of Your Google Business Listings

by Alicia Thomas June 25th, 2013

Google Places, Google Maps, Google+, Google Local… chances are you have your business listed somewhere across these Google products, but how do you know what they are used for and how to make changes to them? Here's a handy guide for figuring out what is going on with your Google listings and how to make […]

Running a restaurant can be difficult enough; from dealing with suppliers to organizing menus, satisfying customers and managing employees, it's a wonder that anybody gets a moment to breathe. When you add in online marketing the complexity reaches another level. Luckily, despite the shroud of mystery hovering around it, SEO for local businesses is not […]

How Do Small Businesses Grow Local Inbound Links?

by Amy Balliett June 7th, 2013

One of my first in-house SEO management positions was for a company called Sesame Communications in Seattle. Sesame is a leader in dental and orthodontic patient communications. They create an online presence for their clientele (dentists and orthodontists) as well as supply in-house tools to maintain patient loyalty. When I started at the company, my […]

Let's say you are a small business owner who wants to make their brick-and-mortar store popular online. Or, let's say you are a local SEO consultant who is helping the said owner with Internet promotion. What marketing tools can you use to perform the task faster and easier? Well, as there are quite a few […]

The Formula For Local SEO Success

by Chris Marentis May 8th, 2013

Local marketing experts will tell you that the world of local search marketing is highly competitive and oftentimes intimidating. However, with the inclusion of the "7-pack" on the first page of Google's SERPs, there is at least a target that businesses can shoot for to achieve local SEO success. The overall formula for winning at […]

You Cannot Afford to Ignore Local Business Listings

by Chris Marentis April 17th, 2013

Search engine marketing and search engine optimization are constantly evolving, and they have already moved through several stages. While many of the SEO strategies of the past still maintain some of their relevance, new strategies are consistently coming to the forefront and making antiquated search engine marketing approaches obsolete. Seven years ago, the idea of […]