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Local Keyword Research in 2014 and Beyond

Last year I did a lot of writing around the web focused on local keyword research, so much so that I had vowed not to do any content on the subject matter in 2014, but alas here we are and [...]

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How To Use Google’s Newest Tool For Your Local Business

Google has made life a whole lot easier for local business owners. Google My Business is a unified interface designed specifically for local businesses and large enterprises. It was created to be a user-friendly platform and the quick tutorial below [...]

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Solve 3 Common Google + Local (Places) Dashboard Problems

Update: the move has now been completed. Google rolled out the new Google + Local dashboard platform for Canadian business owners back in August 2013. Not all dashboard platforms are fully migrated and business owners have to wait until Google [...]

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How to Implement a National SEO Campaign

Let's face it. Most SEO professionals and search marketers work on local SEO campaigns. This is the bread and butter for most agencies and SEO practitioners no matter where in the world you are located. This is mostly true (at [...]

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The 5 Local SEO Factors That Matter Most

For business owners, SEO can seem a bit too convoluted at times.

As a business owner, you have hundreds of issues to deal with and SEO may seem like a foreign and overly technical concern. Nevertheless, SEO is essential to online [...]

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5 Tips to Optimize your Google+ Local Listing

Local search is an area that is becoming increasingly fundamental for any SEO strategy. As search engines aim to provide users with highly relevant results, one of the main aspects they have focused attention on is search personalization, and giving [...]

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How to Go Hyperlocal with Your SEO Campaign

Let's face it, local SEO is probably the most used SEO strategy of them all. Sure, as a search marketer you will get your share of e-commerce websites and nationwide campaigns, but the bread and butter of most search marketers [...]

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Small Business Owners Can Increase Traffic Online and In-Person By Connecting With These Three Local Search Tactics

The continuous rise in time spent on mobile devices by on-the-go consumers has a direct relationship with how individuals relate to and engage their local community; specifically businesses in their immediate area.

For small business owners that are plagued with the [...]

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Focus on Local Search Marketing

If you have been paying attention to your buisness' online presence in the last couple of years, you know how important online visibility is to your bottom line. You probably took care of the basics: your business information (name, address, [...]

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Using Paid Search to Fuel Your Local SEO Keyword Research

I've talked a lot about keyword research as of late, this is partly due to the fact that with (not provided) sneaking into the mix it's hard to mine keyword ideas from existing site analytics, but also because when it [...]

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