Why You Need Local Focused Landing Pages And How To Create Them


Businesses with a brick-n-mortar location, or those that serve a specific area, need to capitalize on local search. With consumers searching increasingly from mobile devices, it is even more important.

The fact is that local search results show based on the location of the consumer searching. Creating a local landing page is an effective way to get local search traffic and more business.

What Is A Local Landing Page?

A local landing page is a web page  designed to attract local consumers.

Its content helps search engines localize your business. This in turn helps the page show in search results relevant to that locality.

As such the page has to include the specific signals search engines look for -- but also talk to the searcher.

Content For A Local Landing Page

Must Include:

  • Address and map of the location or service area.
    Use Schema markup to help search engines recognize the address information.
    You can mention the name of the neighborhood, building, or community of the business. You can add directions, mention bus or metro stations nearby, mention nearby crossings, etc. 
  • Local contact information and important phone numbers.
    Include opening hours.
    Use Schema markup for the opening hours.

Can Include:

  • Local focused content which can include community announcements and resources for the local area
  • Customer testimonials for that location (be sure to include, city, state with the testimonial)

  • A video walkthrough of that store

  • Description of the employees of that location

  • Services you deliver at that location

Single Location Businesses

A business with only one physical location should still include a local landing page .

Be careful when creating local landing pages for locations where you have no physical presence. You need a legitimate connection to the other locations.

Local resource pages for surrounding cities is one way to get more search traffic, but without a legitimate connection it can ultimately hurt your online visibility.

Multi-Location Businesses

A business with multiple locations should include separate landing pages for each city where you have a physical location.

To create unique content, focus the content on specifics about each local community. Mention things and products that might be unique to them.

Don't create content for one location and then just change out the location information. It can create duplicate content. The result is a drop in the business’s search results in each local search as well as the main website.


The most important points to remember:

  1. the business must have a physical location in that city
  2. each landing page must have unique and quality content

As a part of creating unique quality content, encourage employees at each business location to get involved in the community and participate in the events and organizations. This you can then share about on the local landing pages.

Have you created local landing pages? What components do you always make sure and include?

About the Author: Bernadette Coleman

Bernadette Coleman CEO Advice Interactive Group


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