Rank In The Top Spot For Local Search Queries


No matter how unique your business, there's a pretty good chance there is at least one other like it. And it's probably located in or near your business area.

Because there's so much competition, it's important to stay relevant in local search queries.

If you own a flower shop, and someone types "flower shop" + the name of your city into Google, you want your business as one of the first listed in the SERPs.

The further down the page you show up the less chance of gaining the business of the searcher.

There are things you can do to show up in local queries and be near the top of the search engine results.

Using Local Profiles And Directory Sites

First things first. List your business on all the major local sites.  

Each listing should include your N.A.P.: business's Name, Address, and Phone number.

It's especially important to secure a listing with Google My Business. As a Google property  its listings are often given preference.

Some other "hot" local directories include:

Analyze Relevant Search Terms

Look at the keywords and phrases people use to land on your site. You can use Google Search Console to see this information.

If a lot of people come to your site from "how to" searches, you know that content is working for you. This can show you what type of content to build out.

Use Google Keyword Planner to find high-ranking keywords people use for products and services like yours.

Pay attention to the most popular search terms. Use those in your content, either new or old. It can help you rank higher but can also appeal better to visitors.

To learn more about finding the keywords that lead people to your site, read How To Use Landing Pages In Google Analytics To Find Keywords

Speed Up Your Website

For mobile searches Google gives preference to mobile friendly websites.  (Here are 5 Tools To Test If Your Website Is Really Mobile Friendly)

One factor that limits your "mobile-friendliness" is how fast your pages load. Slow-loading pages may rank lower than those that load fast.

Even when a slow-loader ranks high, there's a good chance frustrated visitors just leave.

A few things that can cause a page to load slow:

  • Pop-Up Ads (which also hinder high ranking)
  • Images and Video. (Compress images. If you have an auto play video, optimize the mobile so the video doesn't auto play)
  • Abundance of plugins

Generate Local Content

facebook-localTo continue to rank on the first page of search results for your local area, you need a content marketing plan. That plan needs to include creating locally focused content.

To give an example. Create a resource page on your website with contact information for companion services to your business.

These are things that people would search for and would increase your ranking.

Research local community events. Write blog posts beforehand about the event. Offer specials to event attendees. Share highlights after the event happens.

Need more ideas? Check out Promoting Local Content For Local Links

You're Never Done

Remaining relevant in search results is not a "fix it once and forget it" process.

You need to continually monitor and maintain your digital presence. You need to keep create the type of content that attracts visitors. Content that converts visitors to customers.

What have you done that's boosted your site's relevance in local queries?

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