Written with Andrew Popowycz, PPC Specialist. On April 22nd, Google announced some innovative features that they will be rolling out within the next few days: Innovative Ad Formats, Insightful Reporting and Intelligent Tools. Of the announcements, weve identified the 4 Intelligent Tools that will have the most significant impact on day-to-day AdWords optimization. 1. Bulk […]

AdWords Campaign Management – Best Practices for 2014

by Adam McCluskey April 23rd, 2014

After a long winter, its time to put the hat and gloves away and take a fresh look at how our campaigns have been trending over the past, er … 3 to 4 months. As you catch yourself day dreaming of that one particular vacation, it can be easy to fall into the habit of […]

(Not Provided) Data in Adwords: The Facts

by Ryan Cruz April 21st, 2014

Paul Feng (Product Management Director of Adwords) announced that Adwords has rolled out secure search (SSL encryption) for signed-in searches: "Today, we are extending our efforts to keep search secure by removing the query from the referrer on ad clicks originating from SSL searches on Google.com" Organic Google searches are already severely limited: you can't […]

The 10 Levels of AdWords Geotargeting

by Robert Brady April 2nd, 2014

One of the most basic settings for any PPC campaign is the geotargeting where you set the geographic area where you want to show your ads. Believe it or not, Google AdWords features 10 different levels of geotargeting. Country – Google has a presence in most countries of the world. This is the largest geotargeting […]

Chances are, by now you've heard about the benefits of long-tail keywords. Chances are, you're already using long-tail keywords in your Google AdWords campaigns. But exactly how long-tail are your campaigns? Too little? Too much? Are your long-tail keywords actually adding any real value to your campaigns? An effective long-tail Google AdWords strategy is not […]

Building Likes To Your Page with Facebook PPC

by Robert Brady February 19th, 2014

Facebook is huge. But how huge is huge? Like 1.19 billion active monthly users as of September 2013. As such, Facebook is a huge marketing opportunity for businesses of any size and most businesses have created a Facebook page. But how do you get more likes? In this post we'll talk about how Make Believe […]

I've talked a lot about keyword research as of late, this is partly due to the fact that with (not provided) sneaking into the mix it's hard to mine keyword ideas from existing site analytics, but also because when it comes to local SEO it can be harder to identify keywords to target, especially in […]

Link Google Plus to AdWords for Higher CTR

by Louise McCartan January 29th, 2014

When Google AdWords launched Social Extensions, I was a little sceptical of the benefit. How could adding a link to a Google+ business page improve conversions? I have to say, I've been proved wrong. The investment Google has made in social means that it's here to stay. Benefits of AdWords Social Extensions 1. Social Proof […]

What Is a Good CTR on Google AdWords?

by Alan Mitchell January 24th, 2014

A very popular question, but unfortunately there is no such thing as a 'good CTR'. Since CTR depends on many different factors and variables, it's just like asking 'what's a good income' (without knowing your field of work), 'what's a good speed to drive' (without knowing the local driving rules), and 'what's a good meal […]

A Brief Guide To Google AdWords Bidding Strategies

by Dorian Travers December 27th, 2013

Bidding strategies have evolved significantly over the past few years.  There are currently several primary types of bidding strategies offered by Google AdWords, and the introduction of flexible bidding strategies has made the process more complex as well as more effective.  CPC bidding is more advanced (and complicated) than ever.  Bidding can be based on […]