The 5 Best AdWords CTR Strategies

Adwords' CTR matters. It's not only a measure of success but can also get you better ad-rates. Here are 5 of the industry's best CTR strategies.
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What You Need To Know About Adwords & The Google Display Network

What Is The GDN?
The Google Display Network is a set of millions of Google Owned and non-Owned websites which reaches more than 90% of online Canadian users. It may also include mobile sites and apps, and covers a pretty wide [...]

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5 Things Successful PPC Managers Do In The Morning

Stay consistent. Take predetermined action every day. The habit of frequency fosters both character and almost effortless high quality output.
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How To Identify Keywords With Purchase Intent

Learn to target searches that are less competitive, less broad, but bring in more money by driving qualified traffic to your site.
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How To Combine Your PPC & SEO Strategies

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How To Combine Your PPC & SEO Strategies
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How To Combine Your [...]

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39 PPC Experts You Must Follow On Twitter

Twitter is a fabulous platform to stay current on certain topics in less time. Experts are effectively curating the best content by what information they choose to tweet, retweet, and favorite. In that spirit of giving, here are 34 39 [...]

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New Adwords Custom Columns Feature Helps You Track Segmented Conversions

AdWords has recently released one of my favourite new features since broad match modified keywords.

It was added quietly in December 2014 - so quiet that even Inside AdWords didn't do a write-up (yet). Preferring to manage campaigns the old-fashioned way [...]

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Currently Running AdWords? Here’s Why You Should Also Be Using Bing Ads

As an advertiser, one of the questions I often get asked is "How do we get more?". One of the easiest answers is Bing. For most accounts, Search is the strongest venue for driving qualified traffic and ultimately conversions. If [...]

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Updated: Google AdWords Editor – Version 11.0

Last week Google announced they updated a newly designed version of AdWords Editor. So what's new and different you ask? Well, it's faster and more efficient for users to manage their AdWords account, which is huge for marketers or agencies [...]

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How To Spend Small, Win Big with PPC This Christmas

By now, everyone has heard of Black Friday, and the common belief is that the day is so named because it is the tipping point for retail businesses between losses on the year and profits. If that's the case, making [...]

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