Keyword research is one of the cornerstone's of starting any good search engine optimization campaign. While I use Wordze for all my keyword research, I started my adventures as an SEO with a fair number of freely available keyword research tools. Each of these are slightly different from the other, and when used in combination, they can provide a potent starting point for your SEO campaign.

  1. Microsoft AdCenter Search Funnel
  2. Google Trend
  3. Niche Bot
  4. Trellian Free Search Term Suggestion Tool
  5. Niche Watch
  6. SEO Book Google Tool
  7. Key Word Lizard Google AdWords Keyword Combination Tool
  8. GoLexa All in One SEO Tool
  9. Ontology Related Keyword Finder
  10. Google Suggest

If you've got more to add to this list then leave a comment with the url, and I'll amend it! Good luck in all your keyword research endeavours 🙂