5 Proven Strategies To Attract Qualified Leads


It's important to make the distinction between just attracting web traffic and attracting quality traffic. These are strategies that will drive more qualified leads.

1. Content

Having engaging quality content on your site with the proper keywords helps your visibility when users search for your services online.

Unique content also helps with search engine rankings.

According to Practice Bloom, while a blog is a great way to continuously add new content, using a variety of media such as infographics and videos is also important.

Lastly, make sure you socialize your content and promote on your social sites to allow users to share with others.

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2. SEO

Optimizing your web pages for search engine visibility is not only important for rankings, but for getting the right visitor.

SEO basics start with proper on-page tactics that ensure items such as your title tags, meta descriptions and H1 tags contain keywords and information relevant to the search queries your audience uses.

Correct on-page optimization combined with good content leads a visitor immediately to the page on your site that addresses their needs.

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3. PPC

Even with proper on-page and SEO techniques it can take some time to see results from those efforts in organic rankings.

Using pay-per-click ad campaigns not only makes you visible immediately but allows you to target thousands of keyword possibilities.

On top of that, the data provided by your pay-per-click campaign is a great tool that shows you what keywords and ad copy is the most effective in terms of generating high quality converting traffic that comes to your site.

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4. Social Media Marketing

When planning social media marketing, businesses need more than to just have a couple of profiles.

Platforms like Facebook allow business to create ads that drive specific actions. Whether your goal is to get page likes, drive website visits, video views or promote post engagement, this type of marketing can be very beneficial.

Businesses can also fine tune the audience they want to target on social platforms with the ability to use targeting options (demographics, location, interests, behaviours) or even custom audiences that allow you to connect with your existing customers by remarketing to those who have already engaged with your website.

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5. Conversion Optimization

Having all the qualified traffic possible doesn't mean your site will automatically convert the leads it brings in.

Taking steps to ensure your site meets some of the best practices for better conversions will help you make the most out of your site's visitors. Having clear calls to action, A/B testing, clearly visible information and selling points are just a few of the many priorities to consider in order to make sure your site is providing leads and opportunities, not just traffic.

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