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3 thoughts on “How To Increase Conversions 120%+ With Less Form Fields

  1. Great post Douglas

    I think when considering how many questions to ask on your landing page it’s particularly important to analyse which user devices your landing page is designed to attract. If it’s for mobile, tablet and desktop I’d suggest keeping it as simple as possible. Ideally I’d advise creating a landing page specific for each separate device. If this isn’t possible I would advice looking at the potential traffic and think about how users will be accessing your landing page. I’d definitely say that you really should focus on a mobile friendly form so that the user doesn’t feel daunted when completing your enquiry form.

    I think social login is certainly a useful tool to implement on some landing pages, however I think it needs to be used with an element of caution. For example people who are filling out an enquiry form for a solicitors may want their details to be kept private. Even if the social login promises to do so it’s unlikely a user will comfortable choosing this option particularly when sensitive data is involved.

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