I know what you're thinking - people still use StumbleUpon? That's what I was thinking too. So I blew the dust off my old account as I tried - and failed - to login. One password reset later, and here I am, looking at the forgotten Stumbles of my past. The last time I used StumbleUpon to seed client content was 2011....

As I browse through the links I added so long ago, I can see why I abandoned it as a tactic. While some of my earliest submissions from 2010 saw likes in the hundreds and thousands, most of my more recent submissions received absolutely zero likes from other Stumblers.

What was I doing wrong? Why did StumbleUpon completely fall off my radar when it comes to social bookmarking strategies? In this blog post, I'll explore how the platform can be used effectively to get more eyes in front of your content.

StumbleUpon Is Still Going Strong

As I began my research, I was skeptical. Who could possibly still be on StumbleUpon? To me, SU was like Pinterest before Pinterest existed - simply a place to organize and collect links that you like. My Stumbles featured recipes for pumpkin cinnamon rolls, funky nail polish designs and work outfit ideas. Today, as I browse around the platform, I see a lot of similarities to Pinterest in terms of the types of articles, cute cat photos, videos and recipes I come across. So how is this site still popular when there are other social bookmarking sites out there? Up to date statistics on StumbleUpon usage are hard to find, but here are a few interesting facts I was able to uncover: