How To Add Video To Your Online Marketing Strategy


Video. It fills many businesses with confusion, panic and more often than not bewilderment. But video need not be something a business fears. Instead, it should be an element of online marketing you embrace. It is fun, engaging and allows customers to interact with your brand online.

It is clear that video can have huge impacts on your business:

Video increases click-through rates by 65%

So how do you go about implementing and including video? 

Think About Video In Relation To Your Business

What should you video? Where should you place the content? How much budget should you allocate to video?

Instead of letting these questions deter you, let them inspire you. Look at how other businesses incorporate video; keep your eyes peeled for inspiration. Look at what gains engagement across social media platforms. What receives a lot of shares? What videos do you see that encourage you to interact with them ?

Try Vlogging - Or A Round-up Video

Video blogging (Vlogging) is a simple way to include video in your online marketing strategy.

You can vlog using basic technological equipment. A smart phone with a external microphone can be enough - then just start recording!

You can use your blog as the basis of a vlog. Talk through the main points of the blog; conclude with your thoughts and opinions. This is a perfect way of establishing yourself as a key industry figure. It also makes for excellent, shareable content to use across your social media platforms.

Or you can create a vlog about a typical day in the office. Or vlog mini 'how to' tutorials for your audience.

Just keep it on topic and make it short, shareable and snappy!

Add Videos To Your Homepage

Video increases the chance of a user engaging with your website.

It's true for any website but especially for retail site visitors. Comscore concluded:

Video makes retail site visitors 64% more likely to buy 

Again, although these highlight retail sector benefits, the principle applies to all industries.

Include Video Snippets Across All Online Marketing

Use your videos across platforms. Edit it to keep it relevant for each platform.

You can put the video on YouTube, share it on Facebook, and embed it on the homepage of your website.

Include a short snippet of the video on Instagram or Vine. Then post that update on Twitter.


Periscope is a video streaming app that lets you broadcast and watch live video streams.

But what should you Periscope? Anything you can think of that is on-topic.

The type of content you can stream is limited only by your imagination
  • interviews with your team,
  • product launches,
  • advice to your customers,
  • Q&A. Let them tweet you questions which you then answer live on Periscope.

About the Author: Jonny Ross

Jonny Ross specialises in Social & Digital Marketing and Organic Search. He has a proven track record in the retail e-commerce field and now specialises in providing and enhancing social and digital services in the B2B and B2C sectors.

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