What Is Facebook Ad Targeting & How To Use It


Facebook Ads have been around for as long as Facebook has and they are now a great portion of any Digital campaign that is in direct contact with customers and of course, a basic ingredient on How To Create A Successful Social Media Strategy. Having Facebook Ads increases engagement and allows your product to reach people who have common things with your current customers that lead you to believe might be interested in your product proposal.

Facebook Ads have evolved quite significantly nonetheless, and one of the outcomes has been a very sharp tool that allows you to get very specific with the target you want to reach and customize your message so you can increase engagement and reach while optimizing your marketing spend by only reaching the people that are valuable to your business.

To understand how to use Facebook’s Ad Targeting in favour of your business, you need to remember to Loc-Dem-In!

LOCate Your Target:

Ask yourself: Where does my target live in? Where has my target recently been? And finally, where is my target travelling to?

If you can answer those questions and have a specific message you’d like to share with them about your brand, you’re in luck! Because Facebook Ads can help you reach them.

Note: You can exclude locations too!

DEMographics Of Your Target:

Ask yourself: Do I know what age and gender do my target have? Maybe you know the languages they speak, ethnicity they have, politic views they empathize with or relationship status they fall under. You can reach them all!


INterest Of Your Target:

Ask yourself: Do I know what kind of content would my target post or what type of pages they like? Do they like Technology, Nature or Fashion? Yes, you can get to that level of detail.

Still not sold on Facebook Targeting? We’ll give you a bonus category!

Behaviours of your target:

Ask yourself: Do I know anything else about my target that may sway them to visit my store o website? Do I know if they’re expats or are currently traveling?

Note: The cool thing about behaviours is you can overlay any additional targeting options. That way, you can reach single women, ages 18-34, who live in Toronto, Ontario who are currently traveling, for example.


So now you know it!

About the Author: Carolina Valdez-Ambia

Experienced and driven marketer specialized in digital.

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