SEO tools are everywhere. You can add plugins to your blog, download apps for your smartphone, download programs to your computer desktop and even use extensions in your browser. When you're competing against thousands of other websites for rankings its important to keep tabs on the SEO elements of your site and make sure you follow the rules. Checking out your competition and other related websites is the best way to see what you may be doing wrong. So here are the top 5 extensions for Google Chrome that will help you keep up with and improve your SEO while browsing the Web

1. SEO Site Tools

With this extension you can view just about everything you need to know about a website.

There are 6 sections: external page data, page elements, social media, page terms/tools, server/domain info, and suggestions.

Use the integrated HTML and CSS validation tool to see any errors.

There are way too many features to list, but you can be sure that you'll get plenty of use out of this tool.

2. Sorezki SEO Plus

Sorezki SEO Plus contains 3 sections: stats, optimization, and tools.

Each section has its own set of tabs with useful information. Under stats you can see information pertaining to search engines and social activity regarding the website you're on.

Optimization is where you can see page elements, server/domain info, keyword density, and recommendations.

The tools section lets you do page load speed test, check for plagiarism and more.

3. Chrome SEO Plus

If you're only looking to access core SEO stats quickly, you'll love Chrome SEO Plus.

For any website you can quickly view key metrics like Alexa rank and Google page rank, number of backlinks, social media shares (Delicious and Digg), and site info (IP Address and server location).


4. SiteTrail

With SiteTrail you don't have to worry about an extra icon crowding up your browser because it works from the right click menu.

When you're on a website that you want to know more about, simply right click anywhere on the site and select SiteTrail from the context menu. A new tab opens with information like estimated value, estimated revenue, estimated pageviews, rankings, site traffic, site server, DNS records, HTTP headers and Whois information.


5. SeoQuake

SeoQuake is a search engine enhancement tool that works on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

You can see information about pagerank, Alexa rank, Yahoo links, Index info (Google, Bing, Delicious), web archive age, nofollow links and more, for any of your search results.

At the top of the search results, you'll notice the SeoQuake navigation bar that lets you sort your search results by pagerank, age, indexed links and more. From the browser icon you can also click to view an in-depth keyword density analysis for any page; results open in a new tab.