Google AdWords is the biggest pay per click advertising network in the world, yet many businesses try it and quickly come to the conclusion that it doesnt work for them.

However, closer to the truth is that most businesses who believe that Google AdWords wont work for them have probably made some of these common Google AdWords advertising mistakes...

1) Not having specific, measurable goals

How can you measure something if you dont have a target?

If you want to determine whether or not youre making money from your Google AdWords campaign then you should have a specific call-to-action, such as an email opt-in or a special telephone number to call.

2) No ads for individual products and services

If you just have a generic advert, then you wont be as likely to appeal and convert for specific product or service related keyword phrases.

The more specific the keyword phrase, the greater likelihood it is that your visitors will convert, so make sure you take the time to create product or service specific ads.

3) No testing of ad titles

Dont assume that just because you think that an ad title is brilliant that it will appeal to your prospective customers.

Doing something simple like changing a couple of words around or adding a question mark after your title can significantly improve your conversion rates. Make sure that youre continually split-testing your titles.

4) No keyword phrases in titles or descriptions

When people search Google for a keyword phrase, that keyword phrase is highlighted in bold if it appears in the title or description of ads. This is intended to show to the searcher that these ads are more relevant, thus more likely to be clicked upon.

5) No testing of ad descriptions

As well as split-testing ad titles, you should be testing your ad description.

Thats the 2 lines of descriptive text underneath your ad title. Always retain your winning text, but be trying to improve upon it.

6) No personalized URL's

If youre trying to sell blue widgets, then make sure you include the words blue widgets in your URL.

For example, instead of displaying in your display url in should be Also, make sure you forward all display URL's to your landing page just in case people type them directly into their browser.

7) Driving all ad traffic to the home page

When you drive product or service specific keyword traffic towards your home page not only are you asking your visitors to take an extra click " youre annoying them by asking them to find the product that you were already aware that they were looking for.