5 Digital Books Teaching You eBook Marketing

eBook marketing is a great way to create a strong linkable asset. Ebooks are fun to promote. An eBook is what your customers will take offline with them whenever they go traveling or on vacation. Ebooks are easy to get links and shares to. But how do you actually go through the process? What can you expect, and when you get the book itself published, what do you do to ensure it is read?

Here are five that are excellent for anyone who wants to learn about the process and do it for themselves.

1. Publish On Amazon Kindle With Kindle Direct Publishing

Publish On Amazon Kindle With Kindle Direct Publishing

Coming from Amazon itself, this is an invaluable resource if you plan on publishing for the Kindle, whether that is as a primary or secondary platform. It is a free 28-page guide that goes through the general process so you understand exactly how it works, and what you can expect by using it. Plus, there is further information in the reviews section by people who have been through the process themselves and can offer you advice. Anyone who will be using Kindle e-books should get this one.

2. Building Your Book For Kindle

Building Your Book For Kindle

Another one by Amazon, this should be read after you have gone through the first and decided on officially using their service. It is a 31-page guide that tells you about formatting, editing, building a table of contents and more. Everything was written assuming that those reading it have no experience at all with technology. So it is concise, easy to follow and perfectly clear no matter what your level might be. This one is also free.

3. The Fine Print Of Self-Publishing (Mark Levine)

The Fine Print Of Self-Publishing

Not everyone is going to go with Amazon, and even if you do, those two guides above are not exhaustive. The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, now in its fourth edition, is based around some of the details you might not think about, such as contracts, costs, royalties and other concerns. It presents self-publication as an alternative option to more traditional means, and is a great way to learn about what to expect during the journey.

4. Self Publishing Books 101: Helping You Get Published and Noticed! (Shelley Hitz)

Self Publishing Books 101: Helping You Get Published and Noticed!

Learn how to self-publish with this handy step by step introduction to the subject. It will take you along the way with clear explanations at every turn, and is perfect for the new publisher. It is also a quick read at only 54-pages, so you can keep it on hand to refer to whenever you need it without spending a long time dissecting the information it imparts. One benefit of this book is it also covers marketing and promotion, an element that many authors will not be experienced with or prepared for.

5. Dan Poynter's Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book (Dan Poynter)

Dan Poynter's Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book

Not everybody is going to want to go digital. Anyone who is still enamored with the old fashioned way can take heart: there is a guide out there for you. Dan Poynter has written an incredible guide with everything you possibly need to know about writing, printing and selling a physical copy of your own book. It contains more than 460-pages of information, with a focus on being profitable in your publication and making as much money as possible from your book. Some of his advice isn't as easy to follow for the newcomer, but he does a decent job of explaining himself along the way.


I know it seems like an intimidating task, and in many ways it is but eBook marketing is easier than it may seem and it's very effective!

You can avoid the hassle and reach a larger audience by cutting out the middle man and doing it yourself. It just takes work and preparation.

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