Looking for a way to change up your boring content routine, add a little variety to your blog or social profiles and set your business apart from the competition? It's becoming easier to put together creative visual content that is both engaging and shareable. There are some excellent free tools out there that are simple to learn - so you'll be creating great content in no time. Here are 6 of them you need to check out today to amp up your content strategy:


Piktochart is a web-based infographic creation tool that makes it easy for anyone (even those of us who aren't the most talented designers!) to put together professional-looking infographics. With lots of templates to choose from, thousands of icons and simple chart generating tools, you can drag and drop your way to a stylish piece of visual content that tells your story.

Tip: Try re-purposing an existing blog post into an infographic to get more mileage out of your existing content.


Ever wanted to make an animated video to showcase a product, give a presentation, or promote your brand? Wideo is a great tool that allows you to animate images, add cool effects and music to a template-based video - or you can start creating from scratch. Upload your video directly to YouTube from Wideo, or embed your video in a blog post.

Tip: Create a short video explaining your company's history or mission statement, and embed it on your website's "About Us" page.


With Canva, you can create stunning graphics - no Photoshop skills necessary! With pre-designed templates for social media, Facebook cover photos, images for blog posts, presentations and more, you can make that perfect graphic in just minutes.

Tip: Can't find the perfect stock photo to accompany your social media entry or blog post? Create your own instead! (See the featured image for this post, made in Canva!)


Turning photos into an eye-catching video slideshow is effortless with Animoto. I created my first picture video in less than 30 seconds by choosing a template and importing photos from my Facebook profile. Animoto completely automates this process and leaves you with a video featuring awesome transitions, effects and music. For more control over your video result, you can handpick individual photos, enter text and import your own soundtrack.

Tip: Showcase snapshots from your company's latest event in an entertaining slideshow with a catchy background tune.


Need to resize a photo quickly, crop it, touch it up, add a filter or overlay text? Upload your image directly to PicMonkey and edit away! This powerful online photo editor can help you make sure all photos you upload to your website or profile look their best.

Tip: Use PicMonkey to quickly create beautiful, click-worthy images for your Pinterest pins that incorporate both photos and text.

If you're feeling comedic, can help you create hilarious, shareable memes in seconds. Use your favourite internet characters like The Most Interesting Man in the World, Bad Luck Brian or Grumpy Cat, or upload your own image to create a brand new meme. lets you enter your own text on top of the most popular meme personalities and share them directly to your social profiles.

Tip: Put together memes that relate to your industry or brand for best results. Make sure your audience can easily share them via social media to extend the reach of your meme.

Do you have any other favourite - and FREE - content creation tools? Share them in the comments!