Like many of its competitors, Google+ has positioned itself as a platform capable of comprehensive online marketing campaigns. Since your website can now be integrated with Google+ via Google+ plugins, you can maximize your exposure and reduce your workload all at once. Google+ plugins can pave the way for simpler marketing tactics as you grow and evolve with the site. Google+ plugins for WordPress sites are a prime example of comprehensive marketing relying on a single platform. Limiting the number of different platforms you use for publishing will make your work less stressful and allow for time to focus on more pressing business.

google+Five Popular Google+ Widgets for WordPress Sites

Some of the most popular Google+ plugins for WordPress websites include:

1. Widgets+ - Add a Google+ badge to your WordPress website. In addition to, add a +1 button for increased credibility and increased rankings on Google Search.

2. Google+ Plugins From WPMU DEV - You can post to your WordPress website directly from Google+ with this premium plugin. You can also add a +1 and circles button on your site. All activity will be tracked through Google analytics. Google Maps is another plugin courtesy of WPM DEV. As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to add Google Maps directly to your WordPress website without the hassle of coding. There are also advanced and customized options available as well.

3. Google Author Link - Manage Google Authorship directly from your WordPress website. This plugin supports multiple authors, and each author can maintain Google Authorship links after publishing content on your WordPress site.

4. Google+ Interactive Posts - Embed a call to action button on all posts which will direct WordPress site visitors to your Google+ page. Encourage users to add you to their circles and participate in other Google+ marketing and branding initiatives.

5. Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share Buttons - Contrary to what the name suggests, this plugin also has a Google+ +1 button on all WordPress posts and pages. Make it as easy as possible for users to share your site by placing share buttons everywhere. Display them in author pages, above content, below content, and on all posts.

Google+ Meets WordPress Sites

WordPress websites are no longer solely for bloggers who do not have any other options. WordPress is now one of the most user-friendly content management systems offered. In addition, WordPress is one of the top choices for business owners that want to easily upload fresh content on a regular basis. Google+ widgets can help increase levels of social media engagement and streamline day-to-day-logistics. Updating web sites is no longer intimidating for people with average levels of computer literacy. Furthermore, the dynamic guides put out by Google can help save time when implementing effective online marketing strategies. Search has been close to social media for a while, but new Google+ widgets for WordPress sites have further connected the two marketing methods.


There are numerous guides to turn to that can help promote user engagement and overall visibility with Google+ plugins for WordPress websites. Its vital to make user engagement as simple as possible while investing in a smart strategy that incorporates Google+ and WordPress. The goal is to make things easy for the end user, and to maximize return on investment by making the execution of internet marketing more efficient.