On the 6th Day of Content my Digital Marketing Team gave to me, six memes a laughing!

Internet memes, better known as just "memes", are described by Wikipedia as "an idea, style or action which spreads from person to person via the Internet. These small movements tend to spread from person to person via social networks, blogs, direct email, or news sources." Utilize the power of this internet sensation with these 6 tips to help you create your next internet meme:

1. Be Relevant and Topical:

  • clip_image002Know what is happening right meow! Websites such as 9GAG and Quick Meme provide excellent insight on which memes are popular at the moment. In a digital world where trends are constantly changing, the use of an outdated meme could ruin the humor. Be sure to check out these sites before creating your next meme, just try not to get carried away.
  • Holidays and seasons are a great time to use memes and stay topical. Memes are a marketer's best friend, we know they're successful and easy to share, so why not create relevant memes throughout the seasons that you know your followers will love!


    2. Be Consistent:

  • If you're going to be jumping on the #tbt or Take Back Thursday train, make sure you are posting every Thursday. If you want to create a trend it's critical that you don't get off at the next stop. Create memes that your followers can look forward to seeing each week, the more consistent you are, the more likely your images will get shared.

    3. Be Funny:

  • clip_image004The whole point of memes is that they make you laugh. They're an easy way to add some humor to an otherwise "boring" industry. You don't have to create something that's going to make a reader fall off their chair laughing, but putting a smile on their face will do the trick.


    4. Be Human:

  • Rather than using the same image from the article or blog you're posting, why not use a meme? They bring personality and humanize your brand. Many audiences can relate to memes, and if they can relate to your memes, they can relate to your brand. Create that emotional connection with your following and you'll likely see an increase in your social engagement. You can still remain completely professional and topical, but give your social stream a little bit of spunk with internet memes.
  • Creating unique memes will give you a step up against your competitors. You can use tools like Meme Generator and Make A Meme to help you create your own memes. Save yourself the headache and time by creating your own uniquely original memes.

    5. Be Insightful:

  • clip_image006Quote graphic memes are a great way to add some life to an otherwise "boring" industry. Offering tips or advice is an easy way to create visual information that's easy to share. Increase the success of your graphic memes by sharing them on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


  • Knowing your audience is absolutely KEY when creating memes. Something that would resonate with a young 18-25 year old likely isn't relevant to an older 40-50 year old audience. If you're a beginner to using memes and want to play it safe, stick to graphic memes for an older audience and trending memes for a younger following.

    6. Be Different:

  • clip_image008Memes bring day to day tasks and struggles to life with humor. Any industry or product can be fun, you just need to think outside the box. Take a plumber, most people probably wouldn't find humor in the industry, but with a little thought you can turn it around and make a meme of it.


    Sharing industry related memes around the office is a fun and easy way to share a laugh with fellow employees. I'm sure you work with lots of other creative people outside the marketing department, so why not get everyone in on the fun. Memes are easy to create, and even better, they're free!


    Use these tips to create your next meme and we can almost guarantee you'll see a jump in your SEO, social media, and overall website traffic.

    clip_image010Happy holidays and meme making!

    What are some of the best memes you've seen? Tell us in the comments below! 12 Days of Content: Day 6 Memes - 6 Tips for Creating Memorable Memes