branchezvousIn June the Quebec news portal Branchez-Vous (freely translated: connect!) bought 51% of Quebec video site TonClip. Since then it has integrated the video site into its main portal, skinning and branding the page as part of Branchez-Vous.

While Branchez-Vous covers a wide area of news, TonClip's focus since its start in October 2006 had been Quebec video. This does and doesn't work. TonClip carries a lot of the same material other video sites do. The usual viral videos, gags, jokes, car crashes, music clips, etc.

At the same time it does contain more videos which are at least in the French language. Not all of those come from Quebec, by the way.

Branchez-Vous meanwhile is not new to multimedia itself. It runs a technology video blog as well as an entertainment video channel.

It is interesting to see this level of content and property consolidation come in, what is for Quebec, so early on in the game.

As with Mon Avis the question remains not only how large the Quebec market is but how much traction there is for Quebec-only sites. With Branches-Vous' consolidation strategy it seems there is ample faith in the market.