The term "link bait" doesn't get tossed around as often as it used to.

Which is a shame considering that this fundamental SEO strategy still works like crazy.

And why wouldn't it? You're creating killer content that people naturally share, discuss (and most importantly) link to.

Why Link Bait Died...And It's Triumphant Comeback

With so much mind-blowing free content on the internet you can't follow the old tired link bait strategies of old: controversial, weird or "eye-catching" content simply won't attract links anymore.

Sure: my 21st century link bait strategies do take some outreach to get the ball rolling.

But you'll probably find that they're more apt to get the attention of other site owners the old fashioned way: by providing value.

Massive Resource Lists

Top 10 lists are so 2007.

If you want to grab attention and make people say "holy cow!" in 2013 and beyond you need to step your game up.

And one way to do that is to make a resource list that's the most comprehensive on the internet.

Not pretty good.

Not one of the most comprehensive.

The best.

Because when you do that links roll in like an avalanche.

Here's an example of the type of list I'm talking about:

Buzz Blogge

This is a resource from Kim Roach of She set out to make a gargantuan list of places where people could syndicate their content and guest post.

According to, this page has a jaw-dropping 898 backlinks from 123 referring domains. From one post. Without writing a single original word. Are you seeing the opportunity here?

Think of opportunities in your niche where information could be consolidated into one killer resource. Chances are there are dozens of ways you could merge content into one mega-post that will naturally attract backlinks.

If you can match and exceed the content that's already out there you'll naturally blow by your competition with an influx of natural, quality links.

Video Tutorial Series

Put yourself in the shoes of a site owner in the fitness niche. You stumble across a site offering high-quality, step-by-step video tutorials.

Some show people proper form for pumping iron.

Others point out common mistakes people make when working out.

Another takes you into a gym to see what machines give you the most bang for your buck.

It's literally some of the best fitness content you've ever seen.

Are you going to link to that site? Of course you are!

The reason videos work so well is that they have a higher perceived content than text or audio.

Yes, it takes a ton of hard work and knowledge of your vertical. But that's link building in 2013 for you.


Weak content=weak links.

"System Posts"

Let's face it: people are lazy.

And they're willing to shell out big bucks to pay for complete systems and step-by-step guides that hold their hand.

What if, instead of wrapping that content into an ebook and selling it, you gave it away for free?

Think that would get you some quality links? You better believe it!

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income posted his comprehensive link building system in a post entitled: "THE Backlinking Strategy That Works":

SPI Post

While his backlink building strategy isn't my cup of tea, you can't argue with these numbers:

  • 2408 links
  • PR4
  • 219 referring domains
  • 2,032 blog comments

The reason that post caught fire wasn't because he wrote anything groundbreaking (in fact, the system he describes was adopted from a post on the Warrior Forum).

It's because he laid it out as a system.

And with all the confusing and conflicting SEO information out there people naturally gravitated towards something that led them from point A to point B.

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