Your website conversion rate is the number of customers that visit your site and actually make a purchase or sign up for your service.  When it comes down to it, increasing your website conversions increases your bottom line.

Conversion Rate Tips And Tricks

Make sure you have a user-friendly design

A user-friendly design is essential. You want people to enjoy " not be frustrated by " spending time on your site.

If a user gets frustrated because your site is convoluted and hard to navigate, they are more likely to leave without ever spending a dime. 

Hire a professional web designer and, if possible, do a focus study to see how easily people can navigate your site.  How your site looks is crucial; make sure your design is suitable for your potential customer base.

Convey trust and reliability to your customers

Most users will look at certain aspects of your site to determine whether or not your business can be considered reliable. These include whether or not your site lists an actual brick and mortar address and a phone number. Also SSL certificates can help customers rest assured that their information will be safe.

If you are actually a member of the Better Business Bureau, carrying their logo on your site is very important. If you hold any licenses, list these on your site.

Also, make sure to have a fair return policy. Purchasing services online carries a different customer experience than in store. Letting your customer know that returning purchased items wont be a pain can make a big difference in their willingness to spend money on your site.

Know and Cater to Your Audience

Your audience will vary according to what you are offering on your site. Make sure all your content is specifically catered to their interests all while providing insight into how you can help them. Your audience should be in the back of your mind when it comes to your website design as well.

Keep Track of Your Analytics

Not only are the customers that actually purchase your services important, but also so are those that browse then leave. Information like how long site visitors stay on a page, which pages they click on, and which page they were on when they left your site can provide insight into ways to tweak your site or certain pages on your site to keep potential customers engaged.

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