How To Turn Your Content Into Authoritative Backlinks


You've just poured your heart and soul into writing the perfect blog post. Its thousands of word of juicy goodness sure to bring in hoards of traffic and keep those visitors wanting more!

Now, you can hit publish, sit back and admire your hard work...

OR, you can put that piece of high quality content that you spent hours on to work for you!

Where most website owners would move onto the next article for their blog, we are going to look at a few quick and easy ways to get that extra mile out of your content.

Spread Your Content On Doc Sharing Sites

Converting your blog post into an PDF or PowerPoint presentation and sharing it on quality doc sharing sites is a great way to get a backlink from an authoritative site, spread brand awareness and even get some targeted traffic.

For PDFs, this can easily be done through the use of a WordPress plugin (which even gives your visitors the opportunity to convert and share your posts as a PDF) or simply paste your article into a word document and save as a PDF.

Doc Sharing Sites:

Tip: Turn several blog posts into an eBook in PDF format and offer it as an incentive to get visitors to sign up for your newsletter or sell it to diversify your income sources.

If you followed this advice and copy and pasted your article to a PowerPoint presentation to share, you can easily take it one step further, leading us to...

Turn Your Post Into A Video

One of my favorite ways to get backlinks from high authority domains such as YouTube and Vimeo is to turn my posts into videos. Its extremely simple and if you've already created a PowerPoint presentation version of your post, as described above, it only requires an extra 30 minutes of your time.

Simply put, add some images, a few special effects and some narration and save your presentation as a .wmv file which you can upload to video sites. Here's an example of a video created from a blog post that has done pretty well on YouTube: Healthy Foods To Lose Weight.

Video Sites:

You'll notice most video sites don't allow a backlink in the videos description, however, they can bring traffic. Just be sure to place a clear call to action at the end of the video. The big daddy of them all, YouTube, does allow backlinks and will likely funnel the most traffic to your site so be sure to at least submit your video there.

Tip: Mix and match posts to create unique videos and post them on your blog as an easy way to add additional value.

Pull In Social Media Traffic By Prettifying Old Content

This is one of my favorite tips for supplying endless content to my Facebook pages and even Pinterest and Twitter accounts. And it's as easy as finding a few picture related to the post you want to promote , uploading them to Facebook (or whatever account) and copying a few interesting paragraphs from your post to each image with a link for your followers to click through and read more.

This is not only an easy way to supply content to your social media accounts, but it will help your Facebook engagement and increase your amount of fans because:

  • Using multiple images will improve the rate at which people like and share your wall posts and even increase the amount they click on your images up to %1290.
  • An increase in user activity will ensure that more of your followers will see your posts as Facebook uses this interaction as a part of its EdgeRank algorithm.
  • The increase in "Likes" and "Shares" may also lead to an increase in followers.

Tip: Use an eye catching image or one that is witty/funny to increase the amount of shares it gets. After a good amount of people comment on your picture, leave a comment with another link back to your post. This will improve click-through rates as all of the people who commented before you will get a notification that you replied to their comment.

Put Your Sites Design To Work

Just like content, you probably spent at least a little time on your sites design, or hired somebody to perfect it for you, so lets show that off and get some high quality backlinks and traffic in the process!

This is as easy as taking a screenshot of your site and sharing it with CSS galleries such as:

Tip: Save time avoid the tedious work of submitting to multiple galleries by having CSS Gallery List submit your site to over 100 galleries for only $20.

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