The 3 Must-Have Features For Email Marketing


Finding the right email services can be harder than it probably should be. This is partly because there are so many companies offering service on todays market. The other part has to do with all the jargon commonly used in the industry that is often confusing to the newcomer. It can get so confusing, that you may find it difficult to even determine the options you need to be successful in your marketing endeavours.

Not to worry.

This article provides an overview of the 3 features you must have in your email services.

List Maintenance Tools

List management represents what is arguably the most important email marketing feature.

There are some specifics you need to keep your list in order and your reputation in check. Heres a short list.

  • Automatic unsubscribe link inclusion and opt-out handling
  • Automatic bounce removal
  • List segmentation capabilities

Dont forget to look for something that also allows to manually manage your list.

Automation is always good from a convenience standpoint, but there is nothing like having control over your email program.

Campaign Creation and Formatting Options

To breath life into your email campaigns, you need a special set of tools for campaign creation and formatting.

This is necessary to make sure your message not only looks good, but performs like a champ as well.

Email software have come a long way but all programs are capable of flawlessly rendering HTML the way a web browser can.

For this reason, you want to be able to send along a plaintext copy as a backup of sorts. Although it may not be a visual spectacle, plaintext can still help you get your point across.

Other tools that could make your life easier include a vast selection of email templates, user-friendly text editors, and customization options that allow you to create campaigns that match the look and feel of your brand.

Email Analytics

Whether were talking seasoned veterans or total newcomers, every email marketer needs a way to track the performance of their campaigns.

In this game, it is the only sure-fire way to calculate the return on your investment.

Because knowing where you stand is extremely important, you need to make sure your email marketing service is equipped with detailed reports. A good tracking system will let you know how you are fairing in terms of opens, clicks, forwards, and other areas associated with your campaigns.

If your email marketing provider offers social sharing capabilities, you may also be able to keep track of how many subscribers shared your message with their friends.

Dont Short-change Yourself

Your email list provider is the driving force behind your email marketing.

Without the right tools, there is no way you can get the most from your efforts.

Take the time out to assess your needs, evaluate the market, and find a provider that can deliver accordingly.

About the Author: John Zenith

John is a consultant, best practices activist and advocate for leading Web and permission based email services.

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