Delta airlines has launched a Facebook app that allows you to directly book flights through the Delta Facebook page.

Delta Airlines Facebook App

No more clicking a link to their homepage, but do it all right then and there.

You can even share flights. Planning a group trip? Share the flight with your network.

Delta Airlines Ticket Window on Facebook

Eventually Delta hopes to add similar windows on different sites, allowing you to do the same thing: book right then and there.

What That Means To You

Facebook is quickly becoming an online marketplace in a big way. This is the first instance -- the next wont be far off.

Start thinking about Facebook not just as a social network site. Instead, think of it as an untapped frontier of marketing wilderness, a burgeoning ecommerce playground.

Offer exclusive deals on your Facebook page, promotions, select Facebook packages etc. The convenience factor alone for many users is astounding.

Continue to drive online revenue through the comforts of one site " empower your Facebook fans to:

  • book trips (obviously)
  • buy merchandise
  • redeem rewards points
  • sign up for group tours, concerts, charity events, etc.

and have them share this info with their networks. It creates a cycle of advertising all on one website; the possibilities are endless.

Its a win/win situation for revenue and online customer experience.