Ive spent the last couple of days wondering what to write here, ever since Ruud Hein asked me for a guest post. Then I thought, hey, he contacted me after he saw my comment on Mandys post, so that should be a good starting point, right?

Im not a great fiction writer (and sometimes I wonder if Im even a good one.) But I keep writing and putting up my work on my blog. Ive just completed one novel there, and am putting up some short pieces while I muster up the courage to start another.

I thought my marketing work and writing fiction were mutually exclusive: I love both (though the first has got way more love from me lately), but I thought of fiction as a creative outlet and marketing as more hard work. Lately, Ive realized they are similar, and the lessons I learn in one apply to the other.

Heres what creative writing has helped me do better in marketing.