While searching for images to include in my 'Social Media by the Numbers' series, I've come across some hilarious industry themed content that had me laughing hysterically. I started to save the videos, images, jokes and cartoons and share them with friends.

One day I was struggling to write a post, so I decided to look through that collection for inspiration. I laughed again, but still couldn't figure out what to write, so I decided to give my favorite cartoon a fitting title and voila, I had my post for the day!

I didn't expect much of a reaction, after all SEP readers tend to be seasoned surfers and surely, I thought, they've Stumbled, Dugg, Mixxed, or Redd it all before. Well, much to my surprise, the feedback I received was very positive!

As a result, I've decided to start a new weekly Search Engine People Blog Feature called the "Friday Funnies" - original eh? What better way to segue into the weekend then to stop by the SEP blog every Friday for a comical look at our industry? Enjoy!

SEP Friday Funnies: A fitting End

Image source: pcweenies