Delicious (they have dropped the has just launched version 2.0 to a by invitation only preview group. Boasting 3 million registered users and 100+ million unique URLs bookmarked, Yahoo! owned Delicious is in for some major changes.

Founder Joshua Schachter was quoted saying that we can expect a complete code rewrite, along with a decidedly different interface, broken down into four sections; Home, Bookmarks, People and Tags.

Michael Arrington has a post with detailed screen shots of some of the new features which include:

* Persistent navigation buttons to people, tags, and bookmarks
* Bulk Tag Editing feature
* More varied options to sort bookmarks
* A contextual search engine
* Color-based indicator for the popularity of tags
* Adjustable bookmark summary to view more or less information in one click
* Tag auto-completion
* Top tags sidebar for users in your network
* Add nickname to users in your network
* An action box to list common actions on current page
* Refined view of bookmarks by grouping them in