According to, September 14th is the day when Google changes their trademark policies in the UK, Ireland, and Canada, to reflect that in the U.S. and possibly permit other companies to mention your trademarked terms in their Google Adwords/AdSense ad copy.

Currently, Google permits other companies to bid on your trademarked terms, but they CANNOT make mention of your brand in their ads without permission. This may change somewhat.

What does this mean to you ... our SEP readers:

1. in essence, it means Google has opened itself up to a myriad of scams and fake sites, designed solely for the purpose of redirecting your hard earned traffic to 'informational' type sites. Your marketing efforts have lead to the success of your trademarked terms, so why let other capitalize on it. Tom Jones from iCrossing said it well ... and I'll paraphrase, Google itself has said it does not want to police the internet, except now its declared itself as such.

2. if you are an affiliate, this is possibly good news for you.

3. BE VIGILANT in tracking others' use of your trademarked terms.

Questionable Google ... very questionable.