User-friendly Consumption

Blog posts and articles are great, but they have lost a bit of value in this era when people are pressed for time and often put off by long blocks of text.

Because of this, marketers may find that their audience members are much more receptive to content that delivers the same valuable information, but in a comprehensive visual-friendly way instead. Infographics are up for the task.

While your loyal readers may not mind a blog post or article, others might prefer to receive that information in the form of an infographic for the simple fact that it is just easier to digest. As a marketer, you may also find that creating one is easier than cranking out a full blog post.

Great SEO Value

Increasing traffic is usually at the core of any online marketing strategy. After all, if people are not coming to your website, then you are fighting a losing battle no matter how valuable your content may be.

Well businesses curious about the marketing potential of infographics will be happy to know that they bring tremendous SEO value to the table. In fact, a finely tuned infographic can send qualified traffic back to your website or blog, as well as your social media spots.

Optimize it as you would a regular image, and if youre lucky, you could see your traffic numbers increase substantially.

The Novelty Effect

From a marketing perspective, part of what makes infographics so valuable is all in the trendiness of the concept itself. The novelty factor can be more significant than it may seem on the surface. As a marketer operating in the fiercely competitive digital space, you probably know all too well about how difficult it can be to get your audience to take notice. Simply being something new and different gives an infographic the ability to stand out and demand attention from readers who are not all that familiar with the trend. Combined with the novelty aspect, the eye-catching qualities of infographics make for powerful stuff, indeed.  

Infographics have a lot to offer now, and their value is sure to grow as the trend progresses. This will likely lead to more creative uses beyond market research and statistics, which is how they are primarily used at the current time. While many trends come and go, this one looks to be here to stay for the long haul.