My Happy Assimilation Into Cre8asite Forums

Yesterday, I was assimilated, but it's a good thing! In case any of you have been living under a rock for some time now, one of the best search related forums ever created is Cre8asite Forums, with Kim Krause Berg at the helm. I frequent many forums, and each has its own special quality. Cre8's special quality, I believe, is that very word "quality".

Because of that, I am honored to have been asked to be a moderator there. Truth be told, I'm a little scared of being able to live up to the reputation of the high-quality mods that have always graced the halls of Cre8. For now, I think I'll try to quietly assimilate until I have a better grasp on what it means to be a mod there. So, wish me luck.

The two forums that I've been assigned to help with are the SEO forum and the Social Media forum. So although I'll be roaming around the other forums, you'll probably find me there more often. Finally, if you want to get to know me just a little better, you can check out my Behind The Posts thread here.

Hope to see y'all there sometime.

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