Organic vs Paid CTR – and Who Gets The Clicks [Infographic]

New research from GroupM UK has provided an in-depth look at the UK search marketing landscape for the first time.

Conducted via Nielsen, the study yielded a plethora of valuable insights including:

  • Paid search accounted for only 6% of total clicks from search engines across the UK search landscape
  • Number 1 result in organic search gets on average 48% of clicks, but 80% of clicks on brand search terms and 35% on non-brand search terms
  • Women click on paid search results slightly more often than men
  • As age increases, so does the likelihood of clicking on paid search results
  • Airlines, broadcast media and auto manufacturers industries had the highest CTRs if they were among the top three search engine results. On average a #1 search result in the airline industry gets double the number of clicks as a #1 result in consumer electronics

The research, based on 28m people in the UK, making a total of 1.4bn search queries during June 2011, is the first in the UK to reveal click through rate (CTR) by natural search position for both brand and non-brand search terms and how these CTRs change by vertical.

A summary of the data is available in the following infographic, created by MEC in partnership with Neo Mammalian Studios:

Evaluating the UK Search Marketing Landscape

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About the Author: David Towers

David Towers is the Director of Search across EMEA at MEC (a GroupM/WPP company), helping inform PPC and SEO strategy across MEC’s clients.

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