18 Ways To Use Adwords Sitelinks Ad Extension

Although sitelinks for organic listings are primarily controlled by Google (it automatically generates them after crawling your site, but you can "demote" them - promoting them or manually setting them is not possible), sitelinks within Google AdWords can be almost anything you want. That's one of the big benefits to running SEM/PPC campaigns - greater control of messaging and more options!

What Are Sitelinks?

Sitelinks is an ad extension that allows you to include additional linked text to your existing ads. Sitelinks don't have any additional cost beyond the CPC, help to make your ads stand out, and provide a better user experience.

Ad Group Level Sitelinks in Enhanced Campaigns

With the new enhanced campaigns (free eBook download below!), you can have enhanced sitelinks, giving you the ability to assign sitelinks at both the campaign and ad group level. You can also set mobile-preferred sitelinks, schedule when you want them to show, and get individual stats on how each sitelink is performing.

18 Ways To Use Paid Search Sitelinks

  1. Calls to action - Use phrases like "Browse Our Collection," "Shop Online," or "Download Our Whitepaper." CTAs that are hyperlinked are a natural fit.
  2. Site navigation - Help users quickly navigate to specific product categories.
  3. Phone numbers - For customer service, sales, or tech support. Only available 9-5? No problem - enhanced sitelinks let you schedule when you want them to show!
  4. Up/down sell - Get that price point just right with more/less expensive options.
  5. Product options - Include different sizes and colours available.
  6. Related products/services - Are you the full-service, one-stop shop? Show the diversity and depth of your business.
  7. Sales and specials - Highlight any seasonal products and move those clearance items.
  8. Staff picks - Your staff knows your product best, and consumers look to them for recommendations.
  9. Company news/blog - Promote your blog, show your authority, and keep customers engaged all within one sitelink!
  10. Social profiles - Connect on social media and build that following.
  11. Support, contact us, customer service - No matter what your product or service, providing quick links should an issue arise will assist in closing the deal.
  12. Reviews and testimonials - Give your brand advocates a forum and highlight it with a sitelink.
  13. Main selling points and features - Not enough characters in an ad to get across why you're awesome? Use sitelinks to mention features and benefits to your product.
  14. Signs of trust - Include certifications, awards, industry memberships, etc.
  15. Locations - Show customers that you're local. Include flagship storefronts or the closest locations.
  16. Top content pages (based on value) - If you're using Google Analytics or a similarly advanced web analytics platform, analyze what content pages have a high value and assist/contribute to your ultimate goals, then feature these pages in sitelinks.
  17. Free shipping and money-back guarantees - Delight and reassure potential customers with links to your guarantees and free shopping policies.
  18. Supporting resources - This is particularly useful for B2B (business-to-business). Include links to webinars, whitepapers, sales decks, and other documents (housed within a web page).
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