5 Must-know Tips for a Lead Generating Website. Learn how to reduce your evacuation rate!

Lower homepage bounce rate.

It's hard for some kids to play nicely and get along. It can be more challenging to project manage your web designer, graphic artist, marketing copywriter, and SEO expert to produce more sales leads and customers.

No one team member is quintessential (it's my favorite word - the most essential of essentials.) To paraphrase Hillary Clinton - it takes a village to build a revenue-generating site.

My redesigned site launched in December 2011. Sales leads have increased by 255% and revenues doubled. The following 5 tips will help reduce the evacuation rate of your site, increase your sales leads, and generate more profits - likely sooner than you expect.

1. Marketing Video - Sticky Eye Balls On Your Homepage

A welcome video on your homepage introduces prospects and customers to your business the way you want to be seen.

On my old site it was only located in the Video Gallery and less than 50% of prospects watched it. Now that it's on the homepage over 80% watch it. When they view the entire 3-minute video they always hire me!

Few businesses have a video and even fewer have it on their homepage. Get a competitive advantage - create a short video (2-3 minutes) and put it on your homepage. Video generates more sales leads and online purchases.

2. Website Design Team - Clean Design & Usable

A good website is more than a pretty picture. Your visitors expect a clean design that's easy to navigate. They don't have to know anything about design - but they must instinctively perceive that the site design feels right (which is achieved in a very planned way.) Why is this critical? Because otherwise they'll evacuate your site in less than 10 seconds.

Prioritize your most important information to ensure it's highlighted. Consider the placement of your phone number, free consultation, contact form (make an inquiry) and shop now in the top navigation.

If you are using social media it's only appropriate to add the buttons if you have content  - and - are committed to keeping it updated. If you're not ready to commit, ask your design folks to ensure the design is flexible so it can be easily added later.

3. Graphic Design - Beautiful & SEO Rich

Simply put - use original artwork vs. stock art. Why? Google seems to prefer original images.

Stock art (photos or illustration) is barely okay. Seeing the same images over and over again isn't distinctive  and  does not support your company's unique brand proposition. An easy solution is to take the photos yourself or hire a professional.

Whether you're updating your site or doing a complete redesign this is the ideal time to consider refreshing your corporate identity. Your logo, colors, and tagline must be finalized before the web designers create the first design preview. Why? Because every visual detail on the site is informed by it.

The designer of my first site convinced me that the phone number and free consultation in the top navigation were unnecessary. Big error - trust your gut.

4. Marketing Writer - Content Is King

Don't lead with your products or services and their features on the homepage. People buy based on a need or perceived need. Three examples of effective copyrighting:

Need: Got an important must-do project you never seem to have time or the expertise to implement? We can help.

Dream: Imagine the freedom when you put your marketing on auto-pilot and the sales leads come in automagically.

Benefit: Jumpstart your sales and profits by connecting some key marketing gaps and adding a fresh selling program. Request your free consultation.

TIP: Effectively using keyword phrases are paramount. If you don't have a SEO team to guide you from the get-go then ensure you do your own research - before you start writing. Use the free Google Keyword Tool.

5. SEO - Site Launch Package

Unless people can find your business the best design, graphics, and copywriting are essentially useless.

Likewise good search engine optimization results by themselves are not enough for someone to engage with your business.

Relevant content, great design, and SEO all working together is magic.

Consider making the investment in a new or refreshed site consulting package from a reputable SEO agency. Why? To ensure you leverage search engine friendly best practices. Your site will gain more organic traffic.

The Bottom Line

Don't let your web team control you. It's a two-way conversation. If it's not, find another firm to work with. The best product is always the result of collaboration and mutual respect.

Ask for input from your customers and prospects. They are an excellent resource and know your business best. Too much input can be overwhelming. In the end it will be your decision - trust your gut.

Unless you are an experienced project manager get a mentor or delegate the new or refreshed site to a professional. Focus on what you are passionate about, why you got into business in the first place. After all, aren't your goals to generate more profits and have more fun?

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