Back in March of this year Michael Dorausch was the first to kick of our ongoing series of guest post blogs. We did so not only to broaden the scope of the content available on our site but also, tacky sounding or not, to build a larger connection with the SEO world.

Last week behind the scenes we started to make preparations to deepen that relation with the SEO world and to help those interested in our industry to get some of the best, smartest, wittiest information available out there.

It's almost a case of personal pride to be allowed to be the one chosen to announce the names of our new contributors. Yes, you read that right; not guest posters -- no, contributors.

In no particular order:

Donna Fontenot

Donna Fontenot, aka DazzlinDonna, is an ebusiness coach who talks and teaches from first hand experience.

She practices and preaches no-nonsense SEO. She smart, witty and *s*p*a*r*k*l*i*n*g*. (Disclosure: both Donna and I are moderators at Cre8asite Forums)

Melanie Nathan

Melanie Nathan, a.k.a. status_girl, handles SEO and related matters for the Edmonton web development company STATUSfirm. She's one of the smartest link builders I know, taking her time to go beyond simple dump & drop links.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty is one of the best SEO resource bloggers I know of at the moment.

Her resource posts are always real helpful, easy to digest, concise. She's never too shy to share good information.

Todd Mintz

Todd Mintz, founder and board member of Portlands Search Engine Marketing Association: SEMpdx.

Todd too is a straight shooter as witnessed in his guest post ADD: The AID Of SEO, right here on Search Engine People.

Dave Snyder

Dave Snyder is the co-founder of Search & Social (see below).

David is smart in a "keep it real" way that I really appreciate. See for example Figure out what your job is already!

Jordan Kasteler

Jordan Kasteler is the other part of Search & Social.

Jordan is young and energetic, bringing to the SEO community and his posts a refreshing speed and view.

Brian Carter

Brian Carter does everything SEO for Fuel Interactive.

He's a frequent blogger, prolific on Twitter and an all around good guy.

Contributing Monday

And there you have it!

Our initial aim is to hear a different view from the trenches every Monday. Meanwhile we keep on looking for additional contributors and other ways to build out our SEO community involvement.

To the new contributors: welcome and thank you!