Customer service feedbackIn previous posts I have talked extensively about how social media helps with building your social capital and is a great aid in customer service. From a corporate point of view we need to not only discern the value it brings to our clients but also the value it brings to us.

Customers want, need and deserve more timely service. There is probably not one of us that actually enjoys sitting on the phone, listening to a robot tell us which buttons to push.

Ten minutes has gone by and you still have not spoken to a human. This is just unacceptable! The new Facebook lists and of course Twitter lists allow you to keep your client base in one convenient location. It has made customer service easier since we now have the opportunity to engage our clients and let them know we are at their disposal almost instantly if they need us.

So everyone wins! Social media actually cuts customer service costs and it allows us to connect with our clients much quicker which equates to higher customer retention and satisfaction. Lack of customer service is one of the biggest failures for many companies. Its much like a wide receiver in football to me. He is required to catch the ball first and then run. How often have we seen them make the mistake of doing the opposite? The ball gets left behind and the receiver is still running. The same thing takes place in business. We can get so focused on the end zone that we forget that we need that ball (our customers) in order to make it count.

Everyones business path when it comes to customer service will definitely be different because no two businesses are alike. As we continue to develop our business model we should see customer service as more than a department but as a mission. Think of all the terrible customer service experiences you have had and make sure it does not happen to your client! Poll your clients and find out what digital tools they use and make sure you are there with them. Embrace the simplicity of what technology has brought us and harness its ability to retain our clients and customers.