4 Ways To Get Out Of Your Blogging Slump


Every now and then we make mistakes as bloggers, right? Some days we just can't seem to do anything right and so we feel as though we aren't successful bloggers, despite how much success we have had in the past. If you have one of those days, take a moment to reflect on the following ideas, as hopefully they'll pick you up when you're down.

Examine Past Successes


If you're having an off-day, one of the best ways to cheer yourself up is to look back on your past blogging successes.

Maybe you had a post go viral? Or maybe you helped a reader with some tough questions? Maybe you had a bunch of ad revenue suddenly come in one day? These successes should remind you that you are a very good blogger.

If you've had success in the past, then you can certainly have success in the future!

Remind Yourself that Blogging Isn't Easy


Next, remind yourself that blogging is a difficult process. If blogging was easy, everyone would do it! No, you are one of the few who really understand blogging and can do it well.

You daily face the challenge of blogging well, and you often succeed at overcoming this challenge. Blogging is a full-time process, and you've decided to challenge yourself daily by blogging. Only those who persevere can really sustain blogging, and you have done this. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Look Up to the Pros


Which bloggers do you idolize? Are there bloggers out there who inspire you?

If so, take a minute to visit their blogs and see what they're up to. Seeing another blogger, especially one who inspires you, working successfully and accomplishing great things on their blogs could be enough to boost your out of your blogging rut and get you moving again.

If this great person who you look up to can continue to blog successfully, then so can you.

Revisit Your Goals


Finally, you can try to pull yourself out of your blogging funk by revisiting the list of goals you had for your blog.

Think about what you hope to achieve with your blog. By refocusing on your list of blogging goals, you can give yourself a renewed interest in achieving those goals, which will help you come up with a concrete plan of just steps.

About the Author: Alvina Lopez

Alvina Lopez is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She welcomes your comments.

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