The Comprehensive Twitter Integration Toolbox: Integrate Twitter with Anything!

Twitter has been our major networking and reputation management tool. Quite naturally, for more effective Twittering we would like to integrate with all other applications we use daily. So here's where you can integrate Twitter with:

Integrate Twitter with FireFox:

  • Post and receive updates from the navbar: TwitterBar
  • Separate Twitter multi-feature sidebar: TwitKit
  • Separate Twitter multi-feature toolbar: Twitter Line
  • Send URLs to Twitter right from the address bar: InstantTweets

Integrate Twitter with Google Chrome

Twitlet is a browser javascript bookmarklet that helps you instantly Tweet from Google Chrome:

1. Use your Twitter login info to create the customized bookmarklet


2. Drag it to your Chrome ’s toolbar

3. Select any text and click the bookmarklet to Tweet the selected text  

4. Use #link to insert the current page’s shortened URL.

Twitlet Dialog

Integrate Twitter with Gmail:

Install Twitter Gadget and follow these easy steps:

  • Login to your Gmail account;
  • Click "Settings" in the top right corner and then choose "Labs";
  • Find the option called "Add any gadget by URL" and enable it.

Twitter gadget install

  • Now, in the "Settings" click "Gadgets" and enter the following URL:

Twitter Gadget: Install

When all is done, you will be able to see the following in your Gmail left-hand panel:

Twitter Gadget

Here you are able to:

  • See your whole Twitter stream as well as replies and direct messages;
  • Send Tweets right from the gadget.

Integrate Twitter with Google Desktop

Official Google Desktop Twitter Gadget is the most popular gadget for that:

Google Deskyop Twitter Gadget

It isn't really feature-rich; all you can do with it is:

  • View the list of abridged Tweets by your friends;
  • See the full Tweet by clicking on it;
  • Send Updates (with no @reply or RT options).

Integrate Twitter with Google Reader

With recently added new features Google Reader now allows to share items on a number of web 2.0 sites including Twitter. Login to your Google reader, click "Settings" and select "Send to" tab. Now, choose "Twitter":

Google reader Tiwtter

Integrate Twitter with Your iGoogle Home Page

BeTwittered Google gadget provides all basic Twitter functionality accessed via iGoogle home page:

  • View recent Tweets by your friends;
  • Receive direct messages as well as public replies;
  • View your favorites;
  • Easily send Tweets.


Integrate Twitter with Outlook

If you are a Microsoft Outlook user, you probably have it open all the time. TwInbox is a free plugin that turns Outlook into a fully-featured, powerful Twitter client.

Once installed, the plugin adds a new folder to your inbox (you are free to create individual folders for each sender, if you don't follow too many people).

From there you just specify your Twitter username and password and after that it fetches all the Tweets from your account and lets you read them just like you read e-mail.


Integrate Twitter with Your Social Media Profiles

HelloTXT allows to update your social media profiles sing your Twitter updates. All yo need is to sign up and add your social media profiles:

HelloTXT Social media profiles

After that set up your feed using Twitterfeed using your HelloTXT Api. Simply select the “twitter” option during feed setup to send your twitter updates to all of your social accounts (hat tip: How to Add Fresh Content to Your Social Profiles).

HelloTxt Add Twitter

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