Top 10 Facebook Tools For Business

Facebook has now surpassed the 1 billion active users mark, continually staking its claim as the biggest social network in the world. Along the way, brands have flocked to Facebook to connect with and market themselves to their target audience.

During this time, a large number of social media marketing tools have emerged to assist companies with effectively managing and enhancing their Facebook marketing activities.

To make your life easier, here are 10 of the top Facebook marketing tools on the market. From simple Facebook tools to fast track engagement with users to more complex platforms for advanced marketing needs, you're sure to find the right tool to take your Facebook experience to the next level.

Wildfire Interactive


Wildfire Interactive is a platform for brands to quickly create and launch Facebook marketing and promotional campaigns such as sweepstakes, competitions and group deals.

Why use this? Wildfire simplifies the process of Facebook promotions for your Facebook page. With their customizable templates featuring an easy drag-and-drop interface, you'll have your promotion up and running in no time. Its perfect for marketers who do not have their own development team to create campaigns from scratch.

Crowd Factory


Similar to Wildfire, Crowd Factory offers a host of social marketing tools to help you effectively build brand awareness and launch social media campaigns.

Why use this? Crowd Factory offers a robust set of enterprise-grade social marketing applications that allow companies to embed social elements into any marketing experience aimed at helping you acquire new customers. Choose from a wide range of social apps such as refer a friend, flash deals and group offers that will not only make it easy for people to share your message.



Hootsuite is a social management platform for managing multiple social accounts. It separates engagements and keywords monitored by columns known as streams.

Why use it? HootSuite helps you improve productivity by allowing you to manage all of your social networks from one dashboard. With Hootsuite, you'll be able to monitor your brand mentions, engage with your social community, schedule your messages simultaneously and view your post statistics.



SocialMotus is a great alternative for those who want a less cluttered interface than Hootsuite, while still being able to manage multiple social accounts from one platform.

Why use it? With SocialMotus youll have everything you need to build, manage and measure your social community in one simple interface. Additional features include the ability to get Twitter followers fast, handle priority messages quickly, track conversions and stats from Twitter and Facebook post and more.

Edgerank Checker


This offers straight forward and easy-to-understand analytics of your Facebook page, providing you with an EdgeRank score that ranks objects in the Facebook News Feed.

Why use this? Your EdgeRank score is a great indication of the effectiveness of your Facebook page. Pages with high EdgeRank Scores will be more likely to show up in the news feed, than Pages with low scores. Its pro plans also offer comparisons between your page and the overall industry reports to help provide further insight into what is working across the board.



Conversocial focuses on helping businesses moderate and quickly respond to customer service and support messages through Facebook and Twitter.

Why use this? Conversocials key feature is its Priority Response Engine, similar to the SocialMotus priority messaging system. This allows priority messages containing specific keywords to be placed in a special priority inbox, making it easier to handle high volumes of customer service and support questions sent through your Facebook and Twitter channels.

Facebook Insights


Facebook Insights is a free tool integrated into the Facebook pages admin section. It provides detailed analytics on a Facebook pages progress.

Why use it? Facebook Insights gives you an overview of how well your Facebook page is performing so you can quickly track its growth and impact. Regularly visit this dashboard to understand which of your posts are most effective and to gain greater insights into your audience behaviors and demographics.



SocialMention monitors 100 + social media sites bringing you all social media results relevant to your search query (keywords).

Why you should use it? This lets you keep track of your mentions across different social sites so you can easily track and measure relevant conversations about your business in real-time. It also offers basic statistics such as sentiment analysis, passion, reach and strength so you can determine how well your brand is being perceived online on social sites.



NutshellMail emails you the social media activity from your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and LinkedIn accounts depending on the frequency you select.

Why you should use it? This is a good option for those who are just starting out with social media or do not currently experience large amounts of social media activity per day. While you might not always have time to visit all these social sites, chances are you regularly check your email inbox so this offers a good alternative for monitoring your social activity.



Buffer allows you to schedule and send out tweets at optimal times when it will have the highest impact on your followers.

Why you should use it? Give yourself the best chance for your followers to view your tweet and spread the word about your blog posts by scheduling it at optimal times. The best part is it operates through a bookmarklet. When you see a webpage you like, click on the bookmarket, and it will automatically take the title & shorten the URL.

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About the Author: Siv Rauv

Siv Rauv is a Marketing Executive at SocialMotus, a free social management platform. Now with our advanced Twitter and Facebook Tools, you have everything you need to get Twitter followers fast, handle priority messages quickly, track conversions & stats from posts & more WITHOUT paying hundreds of dollars.

Written by Siv Rauv, SocialMotus Blog

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