It always seems to be SEO vs. PPC. Both of them vying for attention and trying to take all of your advertising dollars. But what if you used them to complement each other, wouldnt that make things a lot easier? When it comes to SEO, sometimes its hard to know which keywords are the best ones to optimize for. This is where you can bring in PPC and specifically Adwords.

So many SEOs scoff at PPC, but they often forget some of the simple benefits any SEO campaign can gain from a small $50 spend in PPC. Lets run through an example of how this could work.

Run Your Campaign

Set up a campaign and pick out a few keywords that you are considering optimizing for SEO wise and do broad match. Set your budget at $50 (or whatever you are willing to spend). Send people to a landing page that has a few questions on there for them to answer. Not only do you want to see the volume of clicks but you want to find out why people are searching for that particular query.

Lets say you are into sunscreen and run a blog about sunscreen and have some affiliate deals and even a mini-store setup. In your campaign, do a bid on sunscreen and set as broad match. Put up a couple of questions such as what problem can we help you solve today?, is there a particular type of sunscreen that youre looking for?, who are you buying the sunscreen for?, and so on. Just make some questions up that are related to your product and what users might be looking for.

Dig Into Data

After the campaign is over, you will start to see trends form in both the clicks and survey answers. This will help you expose the long tail and create specific pages geared to those searches. Now you know that you need a page or more for cheap baby sunscreen and organic baby sunscreen because thats what people were searching for. You know that they are searching for that, so you check out the SERPs and find out they are weak. This will make your SEO campaign a lot easier and a lot more effective. Ranking for organic baby sunscreen will be easier than baby sunscreen and tons easier than sunscreen. Plus you can use the title and description of your best converting ad as the title and meta description for the new page on your site. Then you can go find specific affiliate offers or setup a store for these products.

This will take a little more of your time at the beginning collecting data, but in the end it will definitely beat what you would have done otherwise: try to rank for baby sunscreen or even sunscreen and wasted more money and time ultimately, not have a specific offer, and ignored the niche market.

Other Takeaways

Plus, you can use this data to help with building links to your site. If you have your ad run on Adwords content network, you can pinpoint what sites are sending you quality traffic that converts. Once you examine that data, you can approach the sites that best convert and see if you can build a relationship with them that both parties benefit from. You could provide them with quality content and even get targeted links back to your site that not only will build up your link juice but you also already now that it will send quality traffic that converts on your site.

Has anyone else had any luck with this approach? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments.