3 Reasons To Add Infographics To Your SEO Strategy


In the post-Panda era infographics shouldnt be ignored as a viable link building tactic.

Here are three reasons why an infographics SEO strategy matters:


Its possible that the right person with plenty of influence will tweet an infographic with his/her followers, which could lead to tons of re-tweets, +1s and Facebook Likes.

Sometimes a highly authoritative website will use the embeddable HTML code to share your infographic with its readers. Before you know it, you have anchor text specific backlinks coming from a few high Domain Authority websites and hundreds from smaller ones.

If youre proud of your infographics design and information, submit it to a popular infographic depository such as Visual.ly, so that others can see it and share it. At the very least, youll have yourself a backlink from a solid website.

My last inforgraphic, 20-Minutes or Less SEO Audit Article and Infographic, was released on Search Engine Journal.


Soon after, Duane Forrester of Bing tweeted my infographic to his followers.


Before I knew it, it was featured by Sphinn, Marketing Pilgrim and loads of other websites. I was excited and couldnt get over the fact that many of them were anchor text specific backlinks.


60% of people are visual learners so why not give them something that quickly stimulates their brains.

Online users are usually looking at infographics on lunch breaks or in between tasks and spend less than a minute on a web page.

They dont have time to read lengthy articles, and if they do, they most likely read only about 20% of the text.

They just want to read it quickly, digest it, share it and get on with what they were doing.


To me, this is the one that matters most of all three reasons, especially if your infographic goes viral.

Placing an unobtrusive company logo on an infographic is a great way to subconsciously and consciously brand viewers.

No need to sell, sell, sell with banner advertisements, PPC adds or clever CTAs.

Simply getting viewers comfortable with your brand is a great reason to create an infographic in and of itself.

About the Author: Brian Flores

Brian Flores is a SEO and blogger for InMotion Hosting, a provider of virtual private servers in the United States. You can follow him on Twitter @BrianAFlores.

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