Twitter is one of the most popular social networks around today, and it is an absolutely indispensable tool for marketers and advertisers alike. No one wants to just believe a point like that at face value, however, so lets look at some powerful statistics that prove Twitter is still relevant.

General Statistics

  1. There are 320 million monthly active users on Twitter  - Twitter
  2. 80% of active Twitter users use it via mobile  - Twitter
  3. 79% of Twitter accounts are from outside the United States  - Twitter
  4. Twitter was first created at the top of a playground slide as an idea during a hackathon[tweetable]. It is now worth more than $31 billion. - Dom Sagolla
  5. [tweetable]Twitter has over 35 offices spread around the world  - Twitter
  6. Twitter is ranked as one of the most popular social networks thanks to its number of active users  - Statista
  7. There are more than 35 languages supported on Twitter  - Twitter
  8. There are 1 billion unique visits per month to websites that share embedded Tweets  - Twitter
  9. 44% of Twitter employees have some kind of technical role  - Twitter
  10. 4,300+ Twitter employees manage spread of Twitter world wide  - Twitter


  1. 37% of teens in the UK (ages 11-16) use Twitter on a weekly basis  - eMarketer
  2. 33% of American teens use Twitter regularly  - Pew Research
  3. There are 66 million monthly active Twitter users in the USA alone  - Techcrunch
  4. 9.89% of Americans browse Twitter during work hours  - SocialTimes
  5. The user with the most followers is Katy Perry, with almost 80 million followers  - Twitter
  6. Ashton Kutcher became the first user to surpass 1 million followers . He beat out CNN in 2009 during a live stream broadcast from his home - CNET
  7. If Twitter was a country, it would be the 12th largest in the world  - Rocket Post
  8. Up to 74% of users get their daily news from Twitter  - American Press Institute
  9. The average number of followers for each user on Twitter is 208 . - Jeff Bullas
  10. The average Twitter users spends 170 minutes per month on it . - Rocket Post
  11. 56% of the monthly active Twitter users share; the rest browse . - Rocket Post
  12. In one study, 40% of users said they used Twitter regularly for breaking news  - American Press Institute
  13. 11.3 million US Twitter users are 25-34 years old  - Statista
  14. Asia and North America are the biggest user base of Twitter  - Statista
  15. 39.3% of all smartphone users in Japan are active on Twitter  - eMarketer


  1. In Japan, Twitter is the most active social network  - Comscore
  2. Tweets without links get the most engagement  - Buffer
  3. The ideal length of Tweets that also include an image is 20 to 40 characters max  - Buffer
  4. To promote a trend on Twitter for 24-hours, it will cost nearly $200,000 . - Jeff Bullas
  5. The FTC requires Twitter users to label sponsored tweets with the label ad : otherwise you may incur a fine. - Federal Trade Commission
  6. Over 67% of Twitter users are likely to buy from a brand they follow  - Search Engine People
  7. Between the months of January and April in 2014, more than 17 million Americans published a tweet about a TV show they were watching. During that period, well over 361 million tweets were shared about a TV show - Nielsen
  8. Advertising on Twitter is 6 times more expensive than on Facebook . However, Twitter ads have a CTR  8 to 24 times higher than Facebook . - Smart Insights
  9. Twitter is the 2nd most used social network by B2B marketers, with a rate of 85% . - Flip Creator
  10. Nearly 34% of marketers have been able to generate successful leads thanks to Twitter . - Jeff Bullas
  11. 25% of money spent on Twitter advertising is dedicated to mobile . - Kinetic Social


  1. 71% of tweets are ignored completely; 23% get some kind of reply or interaction  - SearchEngineJournal
  2. 29% of Twitter-using teens have at least 95 followers or more . - Pew Research
  3. Twitter will not allow you to follow more than 2,000 accounts unless you have 2,000 followers as well  - Twitter
  4. Mobile users are more active on Twitter than desktop users  and are twice as likely to be active on the network when they wake up in the morning[/tweetable] - Twitter
  5. Tweets that contain an image link are 5 times as more effective in terms of engagement . - Jeff Bullas
  6. eBay has the highest engagement ratings of any brand on Twitter , thanks to a total of 1,651,877 engagements in about 3 months. - Social Times
  7. Twitter is responsible for 7% of all social traffic referrals to third-party news and entertainment sites in the US  - Quantcast
  8. The number of unique visitors Twitter receives during a month from the US is 87.89 million  - Statista
  9. There is a 36% year-over-year growth for the number of users via the Twitter mobile app  - Nielson
  10. The most engaged industries on Twitter are retailers and restaurants , while those in the apparel industry are the least engaged. - Social Times
  11. Nearly 58% of the top brands in the world have more than 100,000 Twitter followers . - Social Times
  12. 42% of successful international brands share an average of 10 tweets per day . - Social Times
  13. Promoted tweets can boost offline sales by up to 29%  - HubSpot
  14. Katy Perry who has the most followers tweets an average of 96 times per month . This can be found by taking her total number of tweets (6,744) and dividing it by the number of months her account has been active (which is 70, since she joined in February 2009) - Twitter

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