watching-video Inundated with the holiday spirit, we here at SEP have been inspired to give the gift of knowledge this season with a super awesome blog series called (drum roll) The 12 Days of Content. Over the next 12 days, we will be introducing a content format and giving tips on how to optimize each one in order to maximize its effectiveness, broaden its impact and make it work to bolster your overall online presence. The number of the day will correspond with the number of tips we give (Day 1 = 1 tip, Day 2= 2 Tips, and so on - you know, like the song). Without further ado, we present to you: The 12 Days of Content.

#1 - Video

We're beginning this series with video because - done correctly - it can improve your SEO, conversion rates, social media reach, authority and overall marketing efforts by leaps and bounds. A quick glance at the following stats demonstrates just how crucial video content is:

  • Video consists of a startling 56% of ALL web traffic (Business2Community)
  • Using video on landing pages can increase conversion by up to 80% (Unbounce)
  • Video is displayed in over 70% of Google's search results, more than any other content format (Content Marketing Institute)TIP: Don't be BoringUsing video as a component of your content strategy can be hugely beneficial, but proper execution is key. The goal is to be entertaining, informative, unique, or a combination of all three. Given, some industries are inherently more exciting than others, but a bit of creativity can go a long way, particularly for "boring" industries. The videos below are a testament to this, and are good examples of companies who are doing it right.


    Are you reading this and saying to yourself "there is nothing entertaining about my industry"? Well, look at what Blendtec has done. They sell blenders. Yet they were able to create a video campaign that a) highlights their products and b) is funny and awesomely entertaining. Will it Blend takes random items and tests whether or not they will blend in a Blendtec product. From iPhones to soda cans, diamonds to an Xbox, baseballs and credit cards, they try to blend everything. The result is amazing, not to mention hugely popular.

    Klick Health

    Klick Health is a digital marketing agency that specializes in the digital health market. For the holiday season, they made a very impressive "Bring your pet to work day" video. Obviously, not everybody has the ability to take on such a complex production, but the video demonstrates how you can flex your creative muscles and create something that gives your brand a fun, unique personality.

    Ojai Valley Taxidermy

    This California taxidermist managed to rack up over 14.5 million views on YouTube with this video. His "Nope: just Chuck Testa" catchphrase and dry sense of humour catapulted his brand to internet fame quickly and with conviction. You can tell by the video that it was completed on a meager budget, yet it puts a comedic twist on his business, while still highlighting what he does - taxidermy. This example goes to show you that you don't need buckets of money to use video to your advantage. Some creativity and imagination can go a long way. So there it is. Video offers a huge opportunity for companies to beef up their digital marketing efforts and online presence, even without expensive equipment and huge budgets. Be unique, educational, informative, funny, weird - just don't be boring!