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1 Killer Tip On How To Get Your Video Viewed

watching-video Inundated with the holiday spirit, we here at SEP have been inspired to give the gift of knowledge this season with a super awesome blog series called (drum roll) The 12 Days of Content. Over the next 12 days, we will be introducing a content format and giving tips on how to optimize each one in order to maximize its effectiveness, broaden its impact and make it work to bolster your overall online presence. The number of the day will correspond with the number of tips we give (Day 1 = 1 tip, Day 2= 2 Tips, and so on - you know, like the song). Without further ado, we present to you: The 12 Days of Content.

#1 - Video

We're beginning this series with video because - done correctly - it can improve your SEO, conversion rates, social media reach, authority and overall marketing efforts by leaps and bounds. A quick glance at the following stats demonstrates just how crucial video content is: