How to Reuse or Repurpose Your Social Media Updates

So your team does a good job at producing kick-ass content, but you are not really sure how to take it from there. Of course, the content is going to be published on your blog, but how to spread the word about it?

Saying Hey, check out our new blog post! everyday might generate a few likes and visits the first couple of days, but then even your closest friends will end up getting bored sooner or later.

There is a better way of promoting your content on the various social networks, and this is what this post is about. We'll be talking about repurposing your content; basically taking that awesome piece of content your team wrote and using bits and pieces of it to make interesting social posts and updates. Here is how:

Method #1: Share a Picture

I really can't think of a niche in which a good picture in a blog post wouldn't be beneficial. Make sure to have at least one high quality picture in every post you publish. Then Pin that picture, together with an interesting description of it as well as a link to your blog post. Also share that picture on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Not only that you can even use images to build some really high quality SEO-friendly links.

You can find pictures on stock photo sites like or If you dont want to pay for images, you can also try free stock photo sites like or, although it might take you longer to find a nice image.

Method #2: Create a Picture

So what do you do if you really cant find a picture to include in your blog post?


Make one!

You can do so using a captivating quote from your blog post itself. I made the above quote in less than 30 seconds on Quozio. There are many other generators that you can find by making a simple search. Of course, if you know your way around Photoshop or GIMP and can produce something nice, feel free to do so!

Oh and yes, don't forget to share it on Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook!

Method #3: Tweet a Tip

If I had to create a tweet using this tip on this blog post, it would probably read something like:

Cant find a picture for your website? Make one in 30 seconds using this tip!

Some of you might argue that its more of a bait than a tip. Lets agree that its a mix of both, okay? 😀

Make sure that your full tweet can be read (keep it under 140 characters). Copying a piece of your post and pasting it as tweet is likely to result in an incomplete tweet and looks cheap. Give it some thought and come up with something nice.

I know the subheading is Tweet a tip, but nothing stops you from sharing a tip on other social networks as well.

Method #4: Make a Presentation

Jot down the main points, a few examples, a few images, and maybe a couple of quotes and put together a nice presentation that you can upload on SlideShare. You don't have to go in depth or in detail, but make sure to provide value to the viewers. Have a link to your blog post or website and your other social profiles at the beginning and end slides.

Heres a short and simple SlideShare presentation from Vietnam Works that you can model off:

Why bother? For those of you who don't know, SlideShare is among the top 120 most-visited websites in the world, with a whopping 2 million unique visitors per day!

Method #5: Video-up a Tip

Right now on the Popular on YouTube section, there is a video thats 2:03 long, and another one thats 1:09 long (Im talking about minutes btw).

That's just to say that you don't have to create an elaborate and long video for it to work.

You can just take one tip or take-away from your blog post and make a quick video out of it.

Then you can share that video on Facebook, Google+, and also use it on a future (related) blog post.

The cool thing: If you have an article that talks about 10 tips on how to do something, you can easily make 10 videos out of them! And you can share each of them on across multiple social networks! Blog + YouTube + Vimeo + MetaCafe + DailyMotion + Facebook + Google+ = LOADS of social exposure!

That's it folks! You should be able to maximize the use of the content you produce with the methods above. What do you think of this post? Let me know in the comments section below!

About the Author: Sameer Panjwani

This article is a work of Sameer Panjwani, founder of Mondovo, an all-in-one digital marketing toolset for all your SEO, Social and Analytics requirements.


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