Thank You by J. Star

All too often, most of the focus is placed on optimizing the home page and landing pages to get higher conversions, but little attention is paid to the 'Thank You' page and value of the traffic that's already completed the goal.

The Thank you page is your opportunity to reinforce that they made the right decision in giving you their contact information and not the time to leave them wondering 'what now'? Below are 6 ways to make the most out of your thank you page.

By giving you their contact information, they've already shown an interest in what you have to offer, so this is a great opportunity to keep the momentum going and provide them with even more value.

1. Keep them engaged: If they downloaded an e-book, suggest that they subscribe to your blog so they can stay informed of the latest news and events about your business.

2. Offer incentives: If they made a purchase, let them know about the awesome referral program you have! Make sure to include social sharing links on the Thank You page.

3. Offer a ''new customer discount" to be used on their next purchase and recommend products on the thank you page that may interest in them.

4. Provide links to other relevant content on your site: If the visitor requested a call back or more information, include a link to your FAQ page or your most popular topics.

5. Include a short survey so they can tell you more about themselves. For example, ask for their age, gender, postal code, etc. This information will help you segment your email list and ensure the customer receives relevant information.

6. Include testimonials about your services, products and company. This can be an effective tool in driving conversions, especially if they've just subscribed to your email newsletter, but haven't made a purchase yet.


Whether you want to learn more about your customers, increase social awareness of your business or simply close the lead on a sale, a well optimized thank-you page can help keep the momentum going and deepen the relationship between a lead and your business.

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