10 Things that Will Make You Unpopular on Twitter

Twitter Fail

When it comes to social media sites such as Twitter, getting your audience engaged is the key to success. If you are using Twitter, you know that users decide whether to follow or not to follow people. And, they decide this in a few seconds. Therefore, you have little time to impress. In this post, I will talk about the 10 things that make you unpopular on this social site and what you can do to make people follow you.

Not Adding Your Original Profile Image

You have a Twitter profile but with no face. This is most intimidating for users and they will stop following you if they are unable to see who you are. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Avoid uploading an image of a celebrity.
  • Add your original profile image.
  • Do not upload an image in the GIF format because it will not display aptly on all platforms.

    On a not so serious note for common users, Lady Gaga used the image of an egg as her profile picture but this didn't affect her popularity on Twitter as she is 'the' mother monster!

    Lady Gaga - Egg Profile Picture

    You Describe Yourself as an 'Expert'

    You use social media every day. True enough. Then, the world of social media is dynamic and changing every day. There is always more to learn and know. So, if you are describing yourself as an 'expert', people will not like it. Be wise to:

  • Describe yourself in a creative manner.
  • If you are associated with a social media marketing company, show people how you have helped clients achieve their business goals instead of flaunting your expertise.

    Following Others with No Purpose

    Following people without any purpose will not help you. The idea of following users just because they are following you will simply not work on Twitter. To make people follow you, make sure that your content is interesting to your targeted audience. Make your content tailored to their needs.

    Making Your Bio Too Formal

    Writing your bio in an extremely formal tone and in the third person will give an impression as if written by another person. Twitter is a social and personal platform. Therefore, make your bio:

  • Simple and modest
  • Make the tone light-hearted and a little humorous.
  • Avoid being too grandiose if you are into social media marketing services.

    Disparity in Following Ratio

    You have only 5-6 followers but you are following 1500 users. This can make your profile dubious and give others an impression that you are spamming. Try gathering some good amount of followers before you start following others. This will make your profile more credible and people will start following you.

    Too Many Tweets

    If you are tweeting thrice a day from the time Twitter was founded, the number of tweets will be around 8000. Then, if you have tweeted considerably over that specified number, people might think twice before following you. To be on the safe side, tweet normally and don't cross the benchmark.

    You are Showing-off in a Self-Deprecating Manner

    People using Twitter hate it if you humblebrag. Therefore, avoid praising yourself in a self-deprecating manner if you do not want to be disliked.

    Not Hearing Your Original Voice

    Do you use services that auto tweet on your behalf? If users find that the tweets are generated automatically, they will not follow you. Engage your target audience with original tweets and in your own voice. To be popular on Twitter, tweet something useful and not schedule some auto generated meaningless tweets.

    You are Hard Selling

    If you are a sales or marketing manager, mention that fact in your bio. Avoid making your bio into a typical sales pitch. Do not hard sell on this social site. You will end up losing followers.

    Sending Direct Message and Urging to Click on a Link

    Someone is following you and you instantly send a direct message that is self-promotional in nature. If you are adhering to such techniques, stop doing it immediately.

    Are you popular on Twitter? If yes, there is nothing like it. If not, it's time that you delve deeper into this post and determine where you are going wrong on Twitter. Are you hard selling, following others with no reason, or tweeting too much? We would love to hear from you!!

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