10 Excellent Twitter Management Tools For Improved Engagement


Twitter is probably the most powerful platform for social media marketers. It gives companies the ability to communicate with their audience, find influencers and keep a track of their competitors' activities. As a social media manager, handling everything on Twitter can be tough especially if you have to do it for multiple accounts. This is where tools come into play. Twitter management tools have increasingly become an everyday necessity. Here are 10 such tools you should be using right now:

1. DrumUp

DrumUp is a social media managers best ally when it comes to content. The web app makes content discovery and curation a breeze. It recommends fresh content based on your criteria, on a daily basis. You can then schedule content on multiple social media accounts in 2 different ways – 1-click schedule or custom schedule. You can also post your own content using the web app. The app also recommends hashatgs while posting along. It also gives you the option to repost your content multiple times. DrumUp also has a Chrome extension that helps in content discovery. It is a well rounded tool that every social media marketer must try.

2. Tweetdeck


Tweetdeck is the best tool for real time Twitter management and engagement. Once you login, you are presented with a dashboard with anything you could possibly need for real-time management. Your dashboard contains everything from likes and mentions to hashtags/topics you want to track. It even lets you reply on your dashboard without having to do so through Twitter. Additionally, it gives you the ability to see analytics, track trends, followers and make lists. It is a must have tool for social media management.

3. RiteTag


RiteTag is a social media toolkit that enhances content on 14 different websites including Twitter. The app is a combination of tools and boosts Twitter management. It can enhance your Twitter posts in a matter of minutes with features like one click adding of images, gifs, memes and emojis. It also has a coach that guides you in crafting the perfect tweet. Another useful feature is the hashtag analyzer that color codes your hashtags based on various factors so that you can pick the right one. RiteTag also offers a ton of integrations along with some other great features.

4. Mention


Mention monitors an infinite number of sources from around the web to get you real time updates about when you/ your company has been mentioned. You can track various users/ topics and you get a live feed about the conversation around that topic. Mention sends you real time updates through the web and email anytime you, your company or the topics you're tracking are being talked about. This makes it real-time engagement easier. It also provides you with a list of Influencers who are talking about any of your keywords. Connecting with important people such as brand ambassadors, experts and influecers thus becomes easy. It works for various channels including Twitter, Facebook and even emails. You can also track analytics and collaborate with others on your team.

5. Commun.it


Commun.it is a Twitter tool you can use to get insights into your commumnity. It identifies influencers, people to folllow/unfollow and lets you manage multiple profiles. The tool gives you the ability to prioritize your Twitter tasks and separates all the important information from the noise. Commun.it divides users into 3 categories – Influencers, Supporters and Engaged Members depending on a variety of factors. This makes it easy for you to identify your target audience and influencers. It also provides free analytics and lets you schedule posts on multiple profiles. You can also invite your colleagues/ partners to manage your community and see reports. The tool is perfect for businesses to interact with their communities.

6. ManageFlitter


ManageFlitter is a powerful tool that has numerous invaluable features such as PowerPost, Unfollow, Follow, Analytics and Search. The PowerPost feature shows you the optimal time to post your tweets based on the majority location of your followers. You can also post for specific places at the time that is most effective for that area/country. Unfollow shows you accounts of users that don't follow you back, are inactive or spam accounts and lets you bulk unfollow them. The Follow feature is the opposite of this – it shows who you should be following. The search feature lets you search for users based on various criteria like the websites they usually link out to. This enables you to identify followers who tweet out competitors' links and unfollow them.

7. SocialOomph


SocialOomph works on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, Plurk and others. The free version however, mainly focuses on Twitter. It has features like keyword tracking, URL shortening, saving Tweets as drafts, cleaning out your Direct Messages and Tweets. It also lets you track your Mentions and Retweets and manage 5 Twitter accounts. The paid version of the app gives you access to all the other social media platforms and adds more Twitter management functionality. This includes showing you whom to follow, allowing you to mimic others' following activity, avoiding spam accounts and much more.

8. Snip.ly


Social media marketers on Twitter depend heavily on curated content, especially when they work for big companies. Snip.ly gives makes sharing curated content more effective for your own brand. It lets you add a custom banner that shows up at the bottom of every page you share. This allows social media managers to add a call to action message along with a button that leads back to their own site. You can completely customize the text on the banner and button. Snip.ly also shortens the URL and lets you track analytics. It integrates with over 35 other tools and apps to make your experience on Twitter more fruitful.

9. Storify


Storify makes sharing the latest events through social media easy. It scours through millions of sources and lets you gather quality information. You can get information from breaking news, live events, brand campaigns and more. The editor makes it easy to add visual content, you can drag and drop images/videos from multiple sources. Once you've satisfactorily customized the post, you can share it on Twitter and other social media platforms. On Twitter, it gives you the option of notifying everyone mentioned in the post. It also lets Twitter users expand stories and images without redirecting to another site. This makes them more likely to share the content through their own channels.

10. Bit.ly


Bit.ly is often misconstrued to be just a URL shortening service. It has a ton of more features that enhance what you share on Twitter. Bit.ly has a dashboard that allows you shorten and share links on, multiple Twitter accounts. But that's not all, it allows you to track the link you shared as it gets re-shared around the web. You can also get analytics for your links to see where you can improve. One of it's most beneficial features is that it allows you to create custom URLs. It also enhances links such that they can be shared through all your marketing platforms and across multiple devices. It detects when an user is on mobile or not and guides them accordingly. It also integrates with 75 different publishing platforms and works well with other tools.

About the Author: Jessica Davis

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