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Zoe Summers is an experienced Social Media Consultant. One of the Co-Founders of Mass Planner, a social automation software. Before joining the startup world, she worked with big corporations, helping them change the world one step at a time. She loves writing, exploring new sunnier places and sometimes, when she wears the artistic hat, she fancies painting and sketching.

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5 thoughts on “"Brands have more followers on Google+ than on all others together"

  1. Interesting view. I was under the impression that we should give up on G+ for our businesses.

  2. Thanks for sharing that great info. I didn’t think before google plus have that fans. I was thinking linked in might be in the second position. 🙂

  3. A lot of people seem to be in the dark about G+. When you mention it, there’s still an attitude of “Does anyone even USE that?” But you’re right, it’s worth it. And the video conferences are wonderful!

  4. I prefer Google+ to other social media platforms. What can I say, it is run by Google. I like the way you can format your posts with Google +

  5. Hi Zoe,

    This Blog post has a ton of superb material for today’s Digital Marketing professional. In the first section of Blog post titled Search Marketing Trends, I completely agree with you that doing a ton of keyword research and writing keyword rich webpages has been dead in the water for some time.

    If Google is to be believed, then every web site today must be responsive enough to give a site visitor a delightful experience irrespective of the device used to access the site. Google has announced that it will move websites that are not responsive down the value chain.

    Free responsive frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation means that website owners have really no reason whatsoever to ignore crafting a responsive website.

    Humans have always been – Visual creatures – hence I’m not at all surprised that Google is swinging to delivering more visual content than otherwise. As you’ve rightfully mentioned, the use of videos (well-crafted ones) can make a huge difference in website conversions. Site visitors seem to move quickly from just being site visitors to paying customers to advocates on websites that use videos. This is largely because two site visitor’s senses are being engaged with Sight and Sound.

    Hopping on to Social media, without knowing where your potential audience is. Then using social streams only for – Out Bound – marketing without any follower engagement is something I’ve commonly experienced with a lot of businesses seeking to – Hop on to social media. What a pity, they really do not get what social media actually delivers more often than not.

    While Google limits access to reports from its analytical tools I remain unfazed. There are a lot of third party tools available today, modestly priced, that are doing a fabulous job. Maybe Google is going back to what it does best, being a search engine. What reassures me is that whenever there is a shrinkage like this some bright young mind will deliver a solution. Always.

    While I’m not convinced that G+ is a great social stream to use, I’m not exactly sceptical. Brands will have followers on G+ perhaps largely because they are brands but I’m not convinced that smaller EBusinesses will benefit by focusing on G+ for sales and customer engagement.

    Using Google hangouts are a means of engaging your customer is slowly catching on, but Google hangouts are not without their limitations and occasional hiccups.

    If you’ve got a small intimate group of about 10 odd people a Google video hangout may well be a way to go. If you are engaging with several 100+ people then a Google video hangout cannot even be considered.

    All in all a pretty informative Blog post, thanks for sharing Zoe.

    I came to your site, from you Blog post on Kingged.

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