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How To Find Any Text (Even In Code) Site-Wide Using A1 Website Analyzer


Ever wondered if a crucial piece of text or code is present site-wide? Maybe some analytics, tracking, or tag manager code?

Or how about when you need to find old email addresses, specific spelling errors or similar? This is where site-wide custom text search can help. With it you can find answers to questions like "which pages on my site are missing Google Analytics", "how to find old Google Analytics code", or "is Google Tag Manager placed at the right place on all pages".

A1 Website Analyzer

One crawler tool that allows for custom search is our secret super tool A1 Website Analyzer. It can search in the full code of a page using regular expressions. Don't know regular expressions? No worries; if your needs are simple, chances are you can simply write the text you are searching for or use one of the presets. But if you have complex needs, like finding variations of code blocks, regular expressions can be your savior.

Learning the basics of regular expressions will be one of the most valuable things you can do as a web developer or even just as a geek user. Besides finding the things you need, advanced search and replaces and similar, many code libraries also contains functions that use regular expressions.

If you already know regex or don't care, you can skip right to the search tutorial itself.


When using regular expressions it is important to understand special characters have special meaning: